Minnesotan To Meet: Minnesota Cup Winner Ping YehEden Prairie's Ping Yeh started up the company StemoniX and it's getting some positive attention. Yeh and the company's co-founders are the recipients of this year's Minnesota Cup, an award given to local start-ups by the U of M's Carlson School of Management.
Minnesotan To Meet: Rob Walling, Co-Founder Of DripRob Walling is the co-founder of what used to be Fresno, Calif.-based Drip. Walling’s company was acquired by Minneapolis-based tech company, Leadpages, this past July.
Minnesotan To Meet: Metropolitan Boys Choir's Bea HasselmanDespite being a small town girl from Willow River, Bea Hasselmann has worked with some pretty big names in the world of music.
Minnesotan To Meet: WCCO Photographer Bob CowanAround our newsroom, photojournalist Bob Cowan is known for his hats, but on your screen he's known for his stories. After 46 years of helping all of us tell great stories at WCCO, we decided he's definitely a Minnesotan you should certainly meet.
Minnesotan To Meet: Fighting Chance Boxing Club In North Mpls.In the mornings this place is quiet, but come 2 p.m. the place lights up, filled with a team committed to serving not just future boxing champs, but also kids looking to have a little fun after school.
Minnesotan To Meet: Hubert White's Bob WhiteThis year, local men's clothing company Hubert White celebrates 100 years of service in the men's fashion business. In its 100 years, the family owned store has seen businesses come and go on both sides of the river.
Minnesotan To Meet: Family Place's Dr. Margaret LovejoyDr. Margaret Lovejoy was born and raised in St. Paul and has virtually spent her entire life living on the same street. But it's what she's doing for her St. Paul community that makes her a Minnesotan to Meet.
Minnesotan To Meet: Lanona Shoe Company's Ben RansomWhile studying entrepreneurship at the University of St. Thomas, footwear was not necessarily the future Ben Ransom had in mind.
Minnesotan To Meet: Machine Age Lamps' Shawn CarlingShawn Carling has had a booth at the Minnesota State Fair for three years now at the West End market, but it's how Carling takes us all back in time that makes him a Minnesotan to Meet.
Minnesotan To Meet: Log Roller Abby HoeshlerHave you ever spent a summer day log rolling? It's a sport that maybe you've watched at a fair, but trying it out is a whole different story.
Minnesotan To Meet: PowerBark's Leslie FhimaThere are several options for on-the-go food – cereal bars, granola bars even Power Bars. But what about PowerBark?
Minnesotan To Meet: Foster Art Company's Susan RobinsonWalking through the small Minneapolis art gallery with Foster Art Company founder Susan Robinson, you would never know the art is crafted by such young minds.
Minnesotan To Meet: Maxville Auto Repair's Susan MoynihanSusan Moynihan wanted to change the car service experience for mom's, dad's and really anyone looking to take care of a few other things while they stop at the auto shop: She calls it "auto repair with a flair." It's what she's doing inside her Woodbury shop that makes her a Minnesotan to Meet.
Minnesotan To Meet: Glassblower Robinson ScottScott first displayed his work at the Uptown Art Fair in 1986. He’s received "Best in Glass" accolades at the fair five times since then.
Minnesotan To Meet: North Mpls. Native Marcus Williams Talks NFL, Giving BackHigh school, college, and now the NFL, Marcus Williams has been an underdog his entire career: It's a role Williams relishes. On Tuesday morning, we take you to Hopkins for a bleacher-side chat with New York Jets cornerback Marcus Willams. He's just two years into his NFL career, but it's what he's doing off the field that makes him a Minnesotan to Meet.