Minnesotan To Meet: WholeMe's Mary KosirFor a lot of people, the new year means it's time to get a fresh start on the foods you're eating. One local company is hoping you say "try me" the next time you're looking for a quick snack. DateMe, WakeMe, are just a couple of the names of the bars Minnesota-based company WholeMe is offering up.
Minnesotan To Meet: O'Shaughnessy 'Nutcracker's' Erin WarnIt's a classic ballet story – The Nutcracker For the 2015 holiday season, the O'Shaughnessy Stage at St. Catherine University performed the show with 36-year-old Erin Warn among the cast. Warn's talent, passion and determination is what makes her this week's Minnesotan to Meet.
Minnesotan To Meet: Fitness Instructor Katie LewinSo many of us dream about one day winning big on the lottery. Two years ago Katie Lewin did just that, winning $100,000 in the Minnesota Millionaire Raffle.
Minnesotan To Meet: Pianist Steven C. AndersonHe couldn't always read the notes, but Steven C. Anderson always had an ear for music. His piano teacher was his mom and she saw something very special in Anderson at a young age. Even when he wanted to quit she wouldn't let him, giving him candy to make sure he kept playing.
Minnesotan To Meet: Rocket Club's Singer, Entrepreneur Don SmithmierYou could call it an "ode to the north." When Rocket Club's "North Country" made its debut back in June 2011, it went to 60 on Billboard's hot country charts. Not a bad start for a band based in Minnesota. This week's Minnesotan to Meet is the band's vocalist, Don Smithmier, who moved to Minnesota to be a teacher.
Minnesotan To Meet: Porter The Canine Blood DonorJust like their human counterparts, dogs need blood transfusions every now and then. Pups can suffer from things like anemia, cancer or undergo emergency surgery just like humans, and the blood supply at any local vet isn't nearly as large as places like Hennepin County Medical Center.
Minnesotan To Meet: MPS Superintendent Michael GoarYou could say that interim Minneapolis Public Schools superintendent Michael Goar was made for the role. He oversees roughly 100 schools within the district. That's what makes him this week's Minnesotan to Meet.
Minnesotans To Meet: Da Bomb Bath Fizzers Creators Isabel, Caroline BercawAnyone who has young children at home knows that bath time can sometimes be a struggle. Now, two Edina sisters are hoping that one product helps make bath time something to look forward to. The sister-preneurs' love of bubbles, something that started before they could even speak, has turned into quite "da bomb" of a business.
Minnesotan To Meet: Breck High School Senior Darartu GamadaIn the next seven years there are expected to be more than a million job openings for computer specialists. The U.S. Labor Department expects graduates here in the U.S. can only fill roughly 40 percent of those positions. In addition to a shortage of graduates, there's also a huge shortage of women in these jobs. In this week's Minnesotan to Meet, Ali Lucia introduces us to one student at Breck High School senior who is way ahead of the game.
Minnesotan To Meet: GoGlow Melanie RichardsWe all know that one person who has unlimited energy and seems to be able to pull everything together. Well, this morning you're about to meet another. Meet Melanie Richards. Richards is a CEO who started her career far from the boardroom. She did an interview with 'CCO just two days before her due date with her second son.
Minnesotan To Meet: Jewelry Designer Jen SchefflerHobbies usually fill our time between work hours. But what if a hobby turns into a job? Jen Scheffler had it happen. Tinkering and taking a part vintage jewelry turned into a full-time career in 2008, just as the recession started to hit.