MPCA To Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Network By More Than 2,500 MilesThe Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) on Thursday announced that it will fund the installation of over three dozen more electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging stations in Greater Minnesota.
GOP Senators Air Grievances In Job Review For MPCA Head Laura BishopSenate Republicans aired a list of grievances Monday as they reviewed the job performance of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Commissioner Laura Bishop, the latest Cabinet member to face tough questions and the potential loss of her job amid disputes between Democratic Gov. Tim Walz and the Senate GOP majority.
MPCA Asks For Community Input On Making Changes To Air Toxics ReportingPollution officials want a better picture of the air toxics in Minnesota. Right now, companies with air permits voluntarily report them every three years, but not everyone is reporting.
MPCA Launches Grant For Electric School Bus Pilot Project With Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's new pilot grant project, six new electric school buses could hit the road by 2022.
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Wants Anglers To Go Lead-Free To Help LoonsThe Minnesota Pollution Control Agency estimates lead poisoning causes about 14% of loon deaths in the state.
Northern Metals Permanently Shuts Down Minneapolis Shredder After MPCA SettlementIn a settlement with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Northern Metals has admitted to altering pollution records and will permanently shut down its metal shredder by the end of the day Monday.
MPCA Orders Water Gremlin To Cease Partial OperationsA manufacturing plant with a history of pollution violations has been told it must shut down part of its operation.
Water Gremlin To Voluntarily Cease Use Of DCEWater Gremlin announced Tuesday it will voluntarily discontinue the use of Dichloroethane (DCE) after recent testing revealed DCE vapors were present beneath its manufacturing building.
MPCA Admits It Failed A Metro CommunityState pollution officials admit they failed a metro community and they are pledging to do better. That community is White Bear Township, home to a group of neighbors we first introduced you to in May.
Study: MN Air Pollution Plays Measurable Role In HealthA new report from the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency found even low levels of air pollution can contribute to serious illnesses and early death. The report, which analyzed data from 2013, says five to ten percent of deceased Minnesotans died partly because of air pollution.
Heat Wave Triggers Air Quality Alert In Twin Cities, Southern Minn.The MPCA is warning children, teenagers and people with sensitive breathing conditions to limit their time outdoors.