Day 14 @ MSPIFF 2016: '10 Billion -- What's On Your Plate?' ReviewedAt first, Valentin Thurn’s latest food-focused documentary looks to be a piece on the threat of genetically-modified food and the specter of big agri-business. But the German filmmaker and journalist goes deeper, much deeper -- traveling from Japan to Africa to Milwaukee, exploring new ideas and approaches to foodmaking, some of which are unforgettably cool.
Day 13 @ MSPIFF: 'A Decent Man' ReviewedWhile Lewinsky builds an engaging base around the seriousness of rape and the consequences of alleging it, what he makes his characters do – especially Thomas – just gets so nut that it’s difficult to watch with a straight face.
Day 12 @ MSPIFF 2016: 'Weiner' ReviewedJosh Kreigman and Elyse Steinberg’s film on the fall and rise and fall of former Congressman Anthony Weiner is not only perhaps the most compelling documentary you’ll find at this year’s MSPIFF.
Day 11 @ MSPIFF 2016: 'Tale Of Tales' ReviewedTale of Tales, directed by Gomorrah helmer Matteo Garrone, strains at the seams to become the next art house cult classic-cum-midnight movie.
Day 10 @ MSPIFF 2016: 'Virgin Mountain' ReviewedA Mel Brooks line about Larry David, from an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," popped into my head on a couple occasions while watching actor Gunnar Jónsson in the Icelandic film "Virgin Mountain": "There's something about this middle-aged bald guy that's thrilling!" Jónsson, who is losing his hair and morbidly obese, looks nothing like your average leading man -- but he is utterly captivating.
Day 9 @ MSPIFF 2016: 'Voices Of Light' Concert PerformanceThere's a debate among film snobs about whether affixing modern soundtracks to vintage silent films is a useful tool or an incongruous distraction.
Day 8 @ MSPIFF 2016: 'Mad Tiger' ReviewedThe band Peelander-Z has been bringing their bizarre, punky and audience-participation-heavy stage show to American audiences for almost 15 years. They’re like a marriage of Kiss, The Flaming Lips and Gwar, albeit a PG-13-rated version of the latter. And like Gwar had been for many years, the band is anchored by one man: Kengo Hioki, aka Peelander Yellow.
Day 7 @ MSPIFF 2016: 'Eisenstein In Guanajuato' ReviewedFor some critics, the idea of writing about a Peter Greenaway movie is akin to the proverbial "dancing about architecture." Greenaway's films can often have such a finely honed aesthetic, and one built from incongruous formal juxtapositions -- tony but opulent, refined but reckless, arty but erogenous.
Day 5 @ MSPIFF 2016: 'I Promise You Anarchy' ReviewedJulio Hernandez Cordon's new feature "I Promise You Anarchy" is punch drunk love with the impetuousness of young love among sexually nebulous skater boys.
Day 4 @ MSPIFF 2016: 'Schneider Vs. Bax' ReviewedJim Jarmusch’s "The Limits Of Control" has been dethroned as the most pleasantly low-key hitman movie of all time, thanks to the Netherlands’ Schneider Vs. Bax.
Minnesota-Made Gems Featured At Mpls. St. Paul Int'l Film FestThe 35th annual Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival kicks off this weekend, featuring 250 films from 71 countries. And while the majority of the films are international, a handful of them are made by Minnesota-based and Minnesota-native filmmakers.