Record-Breaking Cold Freezing Minnesota Lakes EarlyRecord-breaking cold temperatures are freezing Minnesota lakes weeks earlier than normal.
'Arctic Airmass' Freezes Midwest As Snow Moves Toward East CoastMuch of the snow that was supposed to fall in the Midwest has come down and now it's time for the main event: Record-breaking cold.
Radar Picks Up Even Bigger Flock Of Ducks Over Northern Minnesota LakeThere’s something about Rice Lake National Wildlife Refuge that ducks really seem to like.
NWS: 3 EF-2 Tornadoes Sweep Across Sioux FallsPounding rain and vicious winds pummeled Sioux Falls just after dark Tuesday evening. By around 11:30 p.m., with many in bed for the night, the worst damage was about to hit.
NWS Confirms EF-1 Tornado Touched Down East Of Watertown, Moved Into Hennepin Co. Monday EveningThe National Weather Service has confirmed that an EF-1 tornado touched down east of Watertown and moved east into Hennepin County Monday evening.
Twin Cities National Weather Service Helps Track Hurricane DorianFor the past few days, the National Weather Service station in Chanhassen and about 50 other stations east of the Rockies have been sending up two extra balloons to track Hurricane Dorian.
What Causes Hail To Get So Big?Some Delano residents saw 4-inch, or softball-sized hail during Monday's storm – and that's only happened a few dozen times in Minnesota over the past 70 years.
How Does The National Weather Service Rate Tornadoes?Their goal is to measure the strength and size of the twisters, not just for archival and historical purposes, but to monitor climate issues as well.
Post-Tornado Cleanup Underway In Western WisconsinThe Wisconsin Air and Army National Guard help clean up the aftermath of a tornado in western Wisconsin.
3-Generation Belle Plaine Farm Significantly Damaged In Monday Night StormThe Buszmann’s own a three-generation cattle farm in Belle Plaine, along Highway 7. Their home was untouched after the storm rolled through, but two of their barns were wiped out and the roof of a third barn was ripped off.
How Sirens Went From Anticipating Air Raids To Warning Of TornadoesAs Hennepin County's population has expanded -- nearly doubling since 1950 -- the number of sirens has increased.