Hunter May Have Shot Hope The BearResearchers fear a hunter may have killed a black bear named Hope who became famous when her birth in northeastern Minnesota was broadcast live to a worldwide audience over the Internet.
Researchers Devastated After Hope The Bear DisappearsThere's concern that Hope, one of the world's most famous black bears, may be dead in northern Minnesota.
The Legal Bounty Put On Radio-Collared BearsShe just might be the most popular bear in the world and she lives in northern Minnesota. Lily became famous last year when she gave birth to a cub live on a webcam. But despite her popularity, and the fact that she's a research bear, Lily isn't protected by the state.
Bear Researcher: DNR Rule Endangering Collared BearsThe Department of Natural Resources decided Monday that radio-collared bears will continue to be fair game to hunters this fall. Now, a Minnesota bear researcher says the DNR is exposing his life's work to unnecessary risk.
Famous NE Minn. Black Bear Lily Delivers Twin CubsInternet sensation Lily the black bear has again given birth in her northeastern Minnesota den -- this time to twin cubs.
Watch Lily The Bear In Hibernation With HopeA live Internet camera is again focused on Lily the black bear hibernating for the winter near Ely with her cub Hope snuggled in next to her.
Bear Center Draws Big Donations On “Give To Max Day”Results are in from "Give to the Max Day," Tuesday's statewide charity call. The results were a pleasant surprise for a bear research facility in Ely.
Reasearch Bear Apparently Killed by Hunter