Mpls. Police Defend OccupyMN Actions Via YouTubeMinneapolis police have turned to YouTube to tell their side of the story regarding the Occupy Movement.
As Warm Weather Returns To MN, Occupy Activists Heat UpBefore Occupy Minneapolis protesters marched into City Hall and up to the mayor's office this week, they stood waving signs in the street. Familiar ones— "We are the 99 percent!" bobbed among newer ones demanding the city "Stop Attacks on Occupy!"
After Saturday’s Arrests, OccupyMN Is Looking For Place To OccupyOccupy Minnesota did not occupy anywhere Sunday night.
OccupyMN Movement To Resume In Downtown Mpls Hundreds of protestors could be in downtown Minneapolis Saturday with Occupy Minnesota movement expected to resume.
6 Months Later, What Has Occupy Protest Achieved?As spring approaches, Occupy Wall Street protesters who mostly hibernated all winter are beginning to stir with plans for renewed demonstrations six months after the movement was born.
OccupyMN Helps Save Home From ForeclosureA Minneapolis man's home has been saved from foreclosure, and he's giving part of the credit to Occupy Minnesota protesters.
Bank Seeks To Evict Woman Bolstered By OccupyMN For months members of Occupy Minnesota have been trying to help a North Minneapolis woman stay in her home, but now it looks like the bank is going on with plans to evict her.
OccupyMN Fences Off A Foreclosure-Free Zone In S. MplsThe group Occupy Minnesota stepped up their efforts Saturday to prevent foreclosures.
OccupyMN Protesters Arrested In Downtown Mpls.Occupy Minnesota protestors have been arrested on Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis Wednesday night, according to police.
Judge Dismisses Occupy's Lawsuit Against Hennepin Co.A U.S. District Court Judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by Occupy Minneapolis against Hennepin County after a mediated settlement was reached between the parties.
Hennepin Co. Removes Occupy Tarps From PlazaHennepin County authorities have removed tarps and chairs used by anti-Wall Street protesters from a plaza outside the government center in Minneapolis.