Group Petitions For Medical Pot Program To Include Opioid AddictionA medical marijuana advocate group is petitioning the state government to expand Minnesota’s medical pot program to include those who struggle with opioid addiction.
St. Louis County Unveils New Strategy To Fight Opioid AbuseThe county has seen a spike in opioid overdose deaths. Heroin and opioid drug overdose deaths have increased 108 percent between 2011 and 2015.
20 Percent Of Hennepin Co. Inmates Reported Opioid Abuse In Snap-Shot StudyThe Hennepin County Sheriff's Office recently conducted a one-day snap-shot study on opioid abuse.
Klobuchar Highlights Legislation To Fight Opioid Abuseenator Amy Klobuchar highlighted new legislation on Sunday aimed at fighting opioid abuse.
Minnesota Provider’s Opioid Abuse Program Has Washington Interested A health care provider in Little Falls says it's been successful at reducing the number of people abusing opioids, and it hopes their program can be done nationally.
1 Year After Prince's Death, Minnesota Receives $5.6M Grant To Fight Opioid AddictionPrince's death put a spotlight on a class of drugs that Minnesota lawmakers and law enforcement are still struggling with how to handle.
State Lawmakers Introduce Bills That Aim To Curb Opioid AbuseMinnesota lawmakers today unveiled a series of wide-ranging laws to fight an opioid epdemic they say has reached crisis levels.
Opioid Overdose Epidemic Takes Center Stage In St. PaulOn Tuesday afternoon, a rally will be happening in the Capitol Rotunda, featuring legislators, lawmakers and doctors.
Minnesota, Wisconsin Take On Opioid Abuse With 'Dose Of Reality' CampaignTheir campaign includes a startling PSA featuring a mother who can't wake her son who has an open pill bottle nearby.
Federal Money Aims To Tackle Minnesota Opioid Abuse ProblemFederal money is reportedly coming in to help Minnesota tackle a growing opioid abuse problem.
Klobuchar Co-Introduces Another Bill To Fight Opioid AddictionThe proposed legislation would require doctors to use prescription drug monitoring programs before prescribing painkillers.