Top Fishing Destinations In The USA look at five of the best fishing destinations in America.
Study: More People Could Survive A Tsunami If They Walk FasterAbout 5,500 more people could survive a major tsunami hitting the U.S. if they just walk a little faster to higher ground after roads are knocked out, a new study shows.
Rare Hummingbird Found In St. Paul Now Back HomeA hummingbird found far away from home in a St. Paul yard is now back home. Roufus hummingbirds are from the Pacific Northwest and winter in Mexico. Experts think the bird got lost in our first snow storm.
Rare Hummingbird's St. Paul Detour Causes Nat'l BuzzA rare hummingbird found in St. Paul is caught in the middle of a national decision on where to send it. A St. Paul resident found a rufous hummingbird in their backyard a few days before Monday's snowstorm. "The homeowner was very concerned, knowing that the bird was really out of territory," said Phil Jenni, executive director of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. "Typically we do not take healthy, adult animals."
Aquarium In Mall Of America Getting $2 Million Expansion Sea Life Minnesota, the aquarium inside the Mall of America, is getting its biggest expansion since opening.
Amtrak To Restore Full Empire Builder RouteAmtrak plans to restore its full route between Chicago and the Pacific Northwest next week.
Amtrak Empire Builder Line Still DisruptedFlooding-related problems in North Dakota continue to disrupt Amtrak passenger rail service between Minnesota and the Pacific Northwest.