'T.R.U.M.P. Act' Seeks To Make Candidates Reveal Tax ReturnsMinnesota lawmakers are mounting an effort at the Minnesota State Capitol to force presidential candidates, including President Donald Trump, to disclose their tax returns if they appear on the Minnesota election ballot.
Legislature Debates Broadband Internet SpendingNearly a year's worth of legislative wrangling over how much to spend on broadband Internet development started to come together Wednesday.
House Committee Approves Bill Extending Benefits To Iron Range WorkersA state House committee has passed a measure that would extend unemployment benefits for laid-off Iron Range steelworkers but would also give some money back to Minnesota's employers.
Andrew Zimmern Pitches 'Snowbate' Tax Renewal At CapitolMinnesota lawmakers got a visit Wednesday from a well-known celebrity chef and food writer lobbying to save the "Snowbate" tax credit for production companies. Andrew Zimmern greeted House members, some of whom took selfies with the famous chef.
Lawmakers Debate Bill To Cut Minimum Wage For Tipped EmployeesThe Minnesota House is debating a bill that could cut the minimum wage for some tipped employees.
MN Lawmaker Lures WI Businesses Over 'Right-To-Work' BillA Minnesota Republican lawmaker is getting in the middle of Wisconsin's "right-to-work" debate. Republican Gov. Scott Walker says he'll sign the bill when it reaches his desk, which would make union membership voluntary.
MSP Airport Workers Want Minimum Wage IncreaseLow-wage workers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport are calling for an increase in Minnesota's minimum wage. The workers say they are forced to rely on government programs to get by. It's part of a growing debate over whether to raise the state's minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.50 an hour. The Service Employees Union says 600 low-paid workers at Twin Cities Airport – including wheelchair pushers, cart drivers and aircraft cleaners - earn an average of $7.73 an hour, and receive millions of dollars in state public assistance.
Gun Clause In Minn. Vikings Lease Irks Lawmaker A Minnesota legislator wants a provision stripped from the Vikings new stadium lease that would prevent the building from being used by businesses that sell guns and other weapons.
4 In Minn. House GOP Break Ranks On Gay Marriage Four Minnesota House Republicans have broken party ranks to pass a gay marriage bill, with two Democrats voting against it. Thursday's 75-59 vote to legalize same-sex marriage sets up a Monday vote in the Senate, where supporters say they have sufficient backing.
Lawmaker: Legalize Super Bowl Sunday Liquor Sales A Minnesota lawmaker wants to change state law to allow liquor stores to open for next year's Super Bowl — even as other legislators renew a perennial push to legalize broader Sunday sales.
Dayton Offers List Of Services To Be Taxed Gov. Mark Dayton's administration says it will release an "exhaustive" list later Thursday identifying precisely what would be subject to an expanded sales tax.