Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Announces RetirementSupreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy says he's retiring, lining up a 2nd pick for the court from President Trump.
‘Deeply Disappointed’: Ellison, CAIR React To SCOTUS Upholding Travel BanRep. Keith Ellison and the Council of America-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are quickly reacting after the Supreme Court voted to uphold President Trump’s travel ban Tuesday.
Is Donald Trump Turning Minnesota From Blue To Purple?Minnesota is now less Democratic blue, and more Republican red. Let's call it purple.
Richard Painter Ad Calls Trump Administration 'Dumpster Fire'Richard Painter's first campaign ad places him in front of a literal dumpster fire to describe what he says is happening in Washington.
Reality Check: Canada's 'National Security Threat' To U.S.Minnesota companies will be hit with huge tariffs on products they export to Canada starting July 1.
Reality Check: Trump's Tariffs & Canadian RetaliationThe president cites national security for imposing a 25 percent tariff on Canadian steel, and 10 percent on aluminum. Canada is reciprocating, and Minnesota iron ore is a target.
Doug Wardlow Thinks He's The Republican To Retake The AG OfficeMinnesota Democrats have a boisterous five-way contest for attorney general and won't have a winner until the August primary. Meanwhile, Republicans want to recapture the attorney general's office for the first time since 1971.
Reality Check: Pushing Pause On Refugee Resettlement In MinnesotaMinnesota's endorsed Republican candidate for governor is calling for an end to refugee resettlement in Minnesota.