Reality Check: What The Explosion In Absentee Voting Means For Election DayThirteen days until Election Day, and the number of early voters is exploding across the country.
Political Reporter Pat Kessler To Retire After 36 Years At WCCOKessler dedicated 36 years to covering Minnesota politics and local government here. Kessler has reported on the administrations of eight Minnesota governors, dozens of legislative sessions and political conventions.
Reality Check: Is Trump's Claim Biden Would Increase Immigration By 700% True?Because of President Trump's restrictions on new refugees, Minnesota refugee resettlement numbers are down 90% -- the fewest refugees in at least 15 years.
Reality Check: Will America Know Who Wins The Presidential Election On Election Night?There's a very good chance America won't​ know who wins the presidential election -- on election night. Not because of fraud, because of COVID.
Reality Check: Biden's Campaign Ad Claiming Trump Plans To End Social SecurityBoth President Trump and​ Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden are visiting "swing state" Minnesota on Friday. Now, a couple of Biden TV ads say President Trump is planning to end Social Security, but that's a stretch.
Reality Check: Trump's Claims Of Advances Made For Women In WorkplaceThe Minnesota Trump campaign says the president is "building back the economy" for women, and the millions of jobs added back as the economy recovers is "shattering expectations."
Is President Trump Correct In Saying Democrat Mayors Run The Most Violent Cities?The country's biggest cities saw violent unrest this summer, including Minneapolis. Since June 23, the president has repeatedly linked violence to cities run by Democrats.
Ilhan Omar Attack Ad Goes After $1.1M In Campaign Funds Paid To Her Husband's FirmCongresswoman Ilhan Omar is facing a challenge from fellow Democrat Antone Melton-Meaux in one of the most closely-watched congressional primaries in the country -- and a new TV ad making serious claims against her.
Reality Check: Is South Dakota's Strategy Of Luring Minnesota Businesses A New Tactic?The state of South Dakota has launched a major marketing campaign-- in Minnesota. It's unusual not just because it's targeting Minnesota businesses, but because it's asking them to re-locate due to Minnesota's pandemic shut down.
Reality Check: Does Joe Biden Support Defunding The Police?President Trump is airing television campaign ads in Minnesota and Wisconsin linking Joe Biden to a controversial "defund the police" movement.
Minnesota Lawmakers Given More Than $1 Million In Per Diem Payments In 2020 SessionThat's an average of $6,362 per lawmaker, or $449 extra per week on the paycheck -- for a session in which some of the biggest items were left undone.