Upper Midwest Farmers Have Unique ProblemsThe mild winter and early spring that were a boon for Upper Midwest farmers are contributing to headaches they are starting to deal with now.
Good Question: What Good Do Ticks Do?There are 13 species of ticks lurking in Minnesota lawns and our forests. So, is there anything good about ticks? Good Question.
In Minnesota, Bugs Back Earlier Than ExpectedThe early arrival of spring also means the early arrival of all those pesky bugs.
Minnesotans Urged Not To Let Pests Invade HomesThe state Agriculture Department is telling Minnesotans not to let pests into their homes this holiday season -- and they're not talking about relatives.
Northfield Copes With Beaver BoomFrom spiders to mice, there has been a population boom among all types of pests this year. Now it seems we can now add beavers to that list.
'U' Helps Fight Back Against BedbugsThe University of Minnesota has set up a resource center where homeowners and businesses can learn about fighting bedbug infestations, which have become increasingly common over the past few years.
State To Release Wasps To Fight Emerald Ash BorersOfficials are planning to release stingless wasps near St. Paul's stately Summit Avenue to combat a newly discovered infestation of emerald ash borers.
DeBlog: How Do Fruit Flies Get In My House?Lately I’ve been dealing with some uninvited houseguests in my apartment -- fruit flies. It seems like they’re everywhere right now. That got me wondering, where do fruit flies come from?
Stop Critters From Eating Your Garden Before You DoHow do you keep animals from eating the vegetables in your garden before you do?