Minn. Photo ID Requirement Down In Early ReturnsA constitutional amendment to require a photo ID to vote in Minnesota is trailing slightly in early returns.
Ritchie Alters Title For Voter Photo ID AmendmentMinnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie has reworked the title for a constitutional amendment seeking to impose a photo ID requirement for voting.
Top Republicans Seek To Keep Photo ID On BallotRepublican legislative leaders are intervening in a lawsuit to try to keep a proposed photo ID requirement for voters on November's ballot.
Minn. High Court Sets July 17 Photo ID HearingThe Minnesota Supreme Court has set oral arguments for July 17 on a petition to remove a constitutional amendment from the November ballot that would require voters to present photo IDs at the polls.
Voters To Decide Whether To Require IDs At PollsVoters will decide in November whether government-issued photo identification should be required when voting in Minnesota, after lawmakers approved the ballot measure Wednesday and ended a years-long dispute.
Senate Passes Photo ID, But Critics Vow Litigation The Minnesota Legislature has agreed to let voters choose in November if they want a voter photo ID requirement in the state constitution, but some political groups have vowed to challenge the amendment in court before it even reaches the ballot.
Minn. House Passes Photo ID Amendment ProposalA proposed constitutional amendment to make voters show a photo ID at the polls is now halfway to a spot on the November ballot.
Representatives Comment On Voter ID PlanThe Minnesota House passed a proposed constitutional amendment to make voters show a photo ID at the polls. Here is a small sample of some of the things said by representatives during the nine-hour debate.
Full House To Take Up Photo ID AmendmentA proposed constitutional amendment to require voters to show photo ID is headed to the floor of the Minnesota House.
Dayton, Ritchie Call for Photo ID Alternative Gov. Mark Dayton and Secretary of State Mark Ritchie say there's a less expensive alternative to the proposal for a constitutional amendment requiring a photo ID to vote, and that it also runs less risk of disenfranchising some voters.
Conservative Group Sues Over Voter EligibilityA group that supports requiring voters to show photo ID is suing the state of Minnesota, saying it's not doing enough to confirm voter eligibility.