Minneapolis City Council Approves 5-Cent Plastic & Paper Bag FeeThe goal is to cut down on trash and problems with recycling. Some stores say that will cause extra work at the register.
Where Do Plastic Bags From Take-Back Centers Go?From the grocery store to big-box retailers, Americans use tens of billions of plastic shopping bags each year. Most end up in landfills, but stores like Target, Walmart, Kohl’s and grocery chains are offering to take them back.
Duluth Considers Fee On Plastic And Paper Bags
Kroger Phasing Out Single-Use Plastic Bags In All Stores By 2025The nation’s largest grocery chain will be plastic-bag free at all of its nearly 2,800 stores by 2025.
Mpls. Council Sends Plastic Bag Ordinance Back To CommitteeCouncil president Barb Johnson suggested the move, saying that small businesses have concerns.
Plastic Bag Ban In Minneapolis May Be BlockedState Sen. Bill Ingebrigsten is one of the primary authors of the legislative bill that blocks the ban.
Minneapolis Businesses Prepare For Plastic Bag BanYour days of shopping with plastic bags could be numbered in the state's largest city.
St. Louis Park Considers Single-Use Plastic Bag BanThe city of St. Louis Park is considering adopting a complete ban on single-use plastic bags. A majority of the city's council members have expressed support for a ban, according to the Star Tribune.
Good Questions: Plastic Recycling, Mileage Signs, LEGO StructuresGood Questions: Plastic Recycling, Mileage Signs, LEGO structures
Good Question: Why Do We Use So Much Plastic?On Tuesday, California became the first state to ban single-use plastic bags like the ones used in Target and grocery stores across the country. The plastic bags will be phased out over the next two years, but people can still use them for vegetables and meats. Paper bags will cost 10 cents while reusable bags will be free to use.