Activists Plan National Mother's March In Twin Cities To Protest Officer-Involved ShootingsPeople from all over the country are expected to come to the Twin Cities to shine a light on families who have lost someone at the hands of police. Organizers are demanding that all cases involving police killings be reopened.
About 150 Businesses Damaged In Unrest To Receive Surprise Relief ChecksUrban Ventures typically focuses on education and parental support, but with COVID-19 and a Lake Street location, they've shifted to feeding thousands of people through donations.
'My Voice Is Something That Should Be Used': Youth Taking Prominent Role In Movement Spurred By George Floyd's DeathHundreds of people participated in more protests Saturday in Minneapolis, decrying police brutality and calling for justice for victims of police violence.
Body Camera Video Could Offer More Detail In Floyd Encounter“A video camera, when properly authenticated, is an eye witness. It can testify,” said Michael Primeau, an audio and video forensics expert at Michigan-based Primeau Forensics.
Calls For Head Of Minneapolis Police Union To Resign Are Getting LouderHundreds of protesters gathered Friday in front of the boarded-up union offices for a rally and subsequent march.
St. Paul City Attorney To Dismiss Cases Against Peaceful ProtestersThe city of St. Paul announced most of the current cases related to civil unrest following George Floyd's death will likely be thrown out.
Minneapolis City Council Votes Unanimously To Explore New Model For Public SafetyA majority of city council members have already said they're in favor of defunding the Minneapolis Police Department.
Man Charged With Arson During George Floyd Protests Makes First Court AppearanceAccording to the criminal complaint, Brandon Wolfe identified himself in a picture to authorities. In it, he's standing shirtless, holding up a baton, in front of a visibly burning building.
Health Officials Urge Protesters To Get Tested For COVID-19; Free Testing Sites Open Tuesday & WednesdayState health officials are urging protesters, or anyone who helped clean up following the unrest in the Twin Cities, to get tested for COVID-19.
Some Minneapolis Activists Doubt Disbanding Police Will WorkGeorge Floyd’s death was the breaking point for some Minneapolis civic leaders, who now say the only way to fix the city’s embattled police department is to take it apart. But it’s not clear how they would do that, and groups that have spent years shining a light on police brutality aren’t even sure it's the answer.
As Protests Subside In The Twin Cities, Plywood Comes DownFrom pandemic to protest, finally comes the sounds of life returning to city streets.