Finding Minnesota: The Flower BomberA Minnesota man plots bombing missions across the United States in which no one gets hurt. In fact, David Cook, 50, hopes to achieve the opposite effect.
42 St. Paul Art Projects Win $1.4 MillionA national nonprofit foundation has awarded nearly $1.4 million to 42 projects to boost public art in St. Paul. The Knight Foundation announced the winners of its St. Paul Knight Arts Challenge on Monday.
A Look At St. Paul Skyway ArtIt would be an exaggeration to say that St. Paul’s skyway is like a real life M.C. Escher image, but some pedestrians just may think of this artist’s particularly mind-bending architectural images when walking down a hallway that just ends; St. Paul skyway explorers will inevitably find themselves being forced to retrace their steps back to the main tributary to try other paths.
Exploring Western Sculpture Park In St. PaulJust west of downtown, within view of the Capital, the St. Paul Cathedral, and even the Minnesota History Center, lies an often overlooked sculpture garden full of larger than life structures.
Art Along The Light RailIt’s easy to get into a commuting routine, especially for rail commuters. After all, train tracks don’t easily change paths. But forget to bring a book and there isn’t much to keep a person occupied while waiting for a train.
Art On The Skyways: Part 4In this new installment of our guide to the art on the skyways, we take a look at more inspiring sculptures and other works of art.
Art On The Skyways: Part 3On the skyway level of the 501 Marquette building -- also known as The Soo Line Building -- is a squared-off section of ceiling hollowed out above a staircase. The hollow comes to a dome shape and all four sides feature the Minneapolis skyline in pastel tones.
Art On The Skyways: Part 2Last month, we featured a guide to some of our favorite works of art displayed in Minneapolis' skyway system,</a> but there's more art to explore. We take a look at four more inspiring pieces.
A Guide To Art On The SkywaysIt's true that Minnesota has a reputation for being a perfect place to explore the great outdoors, but only to a point. Sub-zero degree windchills in the winter and overbearing heat and humidity in the summer tend to make many locals second-guess living here.