Outrage Over New Comcast Fee Hike Has Politicians, Regulators InvolvedA notice from Comcast -- also known as XFINITY -- of a new fee is prompting outrage and confusion.
Interim Xcel Rate Hike Showing Up In Electricity BillsIt takes a lot of poles, plants and power lines to satisfy Minnesota's demand for electricity. Xcel Energy has been meeting that challenge for decades.
Alzheimer's Rates Expected To Triple By 2050The number of Americans with Alzheimer's disease is expected to triple in the next few decades.
Esme's Blog: Raising Taxes Without Raising TaxesIt is a nod to the complexity of our tax code that one solution to preventing the nation from diving off the fiscal cliff would be to raise taxes without raising taxes.
Xcel: Higher Electric Rates, Fewer OutagesAs part of a deal to raise its electric rates, Xcel Energy is promising to spend more to prevent widespread power outages that have plagued Fargo in recent months.
Xcel Energy Could Give Refunds On Energy BillsDon't let Thursday's cold temperatures make you worry about winter heating costs, you could soon be getting a rebate from Xcel Energy.
States Brace For Grad Rate Dips As Formula ChangesStates are bracing for plummeting high school graduation rates as districts nationwide dump flawed measurement formulas that often undercounted dropouts and produced inflated results.
Rate Of Child Vaccinations Drops In MinnesotaA national immunization survey states Minnesota's child vaccination rates are declining.
Violent Crime Down Across The Board In Mpls. In 2011New statistics out Wednesday show most crimes in Minneapolis are down.
Xcel Energy Requests Minn. Electric Rate Increase