Talking Points: Sen. Scott Jensen On Legalizing Recreational MarijuanaCould Minnesota become the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana? There are proposals that would do just that at the Minnesota State Capitol.
Evers To Propose Decriminalizing Recreational MarijuanaWisconsin Gov. Tony Evers will propose decriminalizing marijuana in his plan for the next state budget.
Reality Check: Will Legal Pot Mean More Traffic Crashes?Minnesota is in a heated debate over whether to legalize marijuana.
Bipartisan Bill Sets Its Sights On Legal Pot As Soon As 2022The bill would legalize sales of recreational marijuana in 2022, and it would also allow past convictions of non-violent marijuana offenses to be expunged from a person's criminal record.
Bill Introduced Monday To Legalize Recreational Pot In MinnesotaDFL Sen. Melisa Franzen of Edina and DFL Rep. Mike Freiberg of Golden Valley will introduce a bill to legalize recreational cannabis.
Reality Check: What Would Legal Recreational Pot Look Like For Minnesotans?Legislators are working on several bills to legalize marijuana that would change Minnesota's cultural landscape.
Political Smoke Signal: Opponents To Recreational Marijuana Met With Conflict At CapitolAs pressure grows to legalize recreational pot, a Minnesota group held a press conference to say "commercialization" and normalization" of pot is the wrong way to go.
Emotions Run High In Debate On Legalizing MarijuanaEmotions ran high as the debate kicked off at the state Capitol on whether Minnesota should legalize Marijuana.
Minnesota Among Next States In Line For Recreational Pot, Forbes PredictsAs of right now, 10 states already allow for recreational marijuana, along with the District of Columbia.
St. Paul City Council Backs Resolution To Legalize Recreational MarijuanaThe St. Paul City Council backed a resolution this week to support the legalization and decriminalization of recreational marijuana.
With Pot Now Legal In Canada, The Industry Eyes The Rest Of The WorldCanada's federal approval has given its industry a huge advantage over its American counterpart, including unfettered access to banking and billions of dollars in investment. Canadians can even order marijuana online and have weed delivered by mail to their door.