What Happens When We Don't Go GreenFrom numbers standpoint, the harm done to the planet is quite surprising.
Top 5 Earth Day ResolutionsWho says resolutions are solely for New Year’s Eve? This Earth Day, why not try a few new resolutions that can keep planet earth a little happier and healthier.
Don’t Kick Your Christmas Tree To The Curb, Recycle ItSome of you have already gotten rid of your Christmas trees, and some of you are probably putting it off. Sure, you can leave yours by the curb for pickup. But we found out there's a way you can make good use of that tree for the next four months or so.
Could Rochester Be The 1st All-Recycled City? Let's face it: Americans produce a lot of garbage.
New Tech Gifts? Time To E-Cycle Old ElectronicsIf you got some new technology gifts for Christmas, that may mean it may be time to recycle those old electronics.
Recycled Home Moving From Edina To MontroseRecycling is an accepted part of most peoples’ lives, but most wouldn’t think to recycle their house. But for one Edina couple, that is exactly the plan- pick up the house they no longer want and move it 35 miles away to Montrose where it will enjoy a second life in a new location.
Minnesotans Urged To Recycle Holiday LightsWhen it's time to take down those holiday decorations, you can recycle those lights that no longer work.
Best Ways To Go Green And Save MoneyReduce your carbon footprint. Go green. Recycle, reduce, reuse. Save the planet. These are just some of the popular sayings we've heard over the years about protecting our environment and they've seemed to make a difference as the "green movement" grows bigger and bigger year after year. The most significant impact may be the awareness raised about protecting the Earth, but the money-saving side effect has been a plus too. That's why we wanted to share 10 of the best ways to go green and save some green. We've talked with some experts in fields of energy efficiency and sustainable living -- Mary Morse, the Communications Director at the Neighborhood Energy Connection (NEC) in the Twin Cities, and the folks over at ENERGY STAR as well as the Worldwatch Institute in Washington, D.C. -- to help us bring you some easy ways to go green and save you money.