Highlights From Jason DeRusha's Reddit 'AMA' On Bridge CollapseOn Tuesday, Jason DeRusha hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, where users asked him anything about the collapse and its aftermath.
WCCO's Jason DeRusha To Host Reddit AMA On Your Bridge Collapse QuestionsThe first reporter on the scene was Jason DeRusha, who phoned the breaking news back to WCCO viewers even before the first pictures were coming in.
Highlights From Bill Hudson's 'Ask Me Anything' On Yanez TrialOn Friday, WCCO's Bill Hudson hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, where users asked him anything about the Jeronimo Yanez trial and its aftermath.
WCCO's Bill Hudson To Host Reddit AMA On Your Yanez Trial QuestionsWCCO-TV reporter Bill Hudson has been covering the trial extensively, and was at the courthouse when Yanez was acquitted.
The Internet Is In Love With This Mosh Pit Proposal PhotoThe internet has produced what could arguably be described as the most punk rock proposal picture of all time.
Reddit's Best Suggestions For A Minnesotan Super Bowl Halftime ShowWith the Super Bowl coming to Minneapolis next year, speculation about the halftime performer will soon begin.
Internet Pokes Fun At Bored Couple At The State FairAn image from the Minnesota State Fair briefly captured the attention of the internet on Tuesday when it appeared on the front page of one of the web’s biggest sites.
Ex-Viking Fred Smoot Pulls No Punches In Reddit AMAWhen Fred Smoot says "ask me anything," he means it, and assumes you're ready for the answers. First and foremost, Smoot kicked off his recent Reddit chat by saying that he was too through with chatter about the Vikings' "sex boat scandal."
MN Man Posts Meth Before & After Photo On Reddit, Unwittingly Creates Support GroupA Minnesota man unintentionally created a network for those struggling with addiction when he posted a before-and-after photo of himself on meth on Reddit Tuesday.
New Reddit CEO Promises Site Will 'Clean Up Its Act'The new CEO of Reddit said the popular site is going to clean up its act. Co-founder Steve Huffman, who has returned to the CEO position, said Reddit will enforce stricter policies on what can and cannot be said on the site.
Timberwolves Gain New Fan Through RedditIt appears the Minnesota Timberwolves have a new fan. Sixteen-year-old Connor sent a letter to all 30 NBA teams asking which team he should be a fan of.