Republicans' Portrayal Of Urban Mayhem Doesn't Always Match RealityAt almost every turn at the RNC, speakers from the president on down portrayed American cities like Portland, Oregon, New York and Chicago as lawless Democratic wastelands that have been overrun with violence, looting and destruction.
Wisconsin Republicans 'Stand Ready' To Strike Down Gov. Tony Evers' Mask MandateWisconsin Senate Republicans “stand ready” to strike down the statewide mask mandate that Democratic Gov. Tony Evers announced on Thursday, the GOP Senate leader said Friday.
State House Again Blocks Measure To Limit Walz's Ability To Declare Peacetime Emergency StateThe Minnesota House of Representatives once again rejected a measure that would have limited Gov. Tim Walz's ability to extend the peacetime state of emergency.
Analysis: Majority Of Wisconsin Republicans Voted Absentee In AprilWisconsin Republicans who oppose making it easier for people to vote absentee have taken advantage of the opportunity to vote by mail in recent elections, with more than 80% of GOP members of the state Legislature doing it in April.
3 GOP Senators Call For Federal Investigation Into MPD, Say State's Human Right's Probe Won't Be FairThe senators also wrote in the letter they feared for the civil rights of Minneapolis residents after the city council voted to quote "dismantle" the police department.
Minnesota GOP Convention Postponed After Suspected Hacking With Online Voting SystemMinnesota Republicans are postponing their state convention because of interference with their online voting system.
Wisconsin Republican Tom Tiffany Wins Special Congressional ElectionRepublican Tom Tiffany, a state senator endorsed by President Donald Trump, easily won a special congressional election Tuesday in a heavily conservative, rural Wisconsin district.
Minnesota Republicans Keep Up Pressure To Reopen BusinessesRepublicans kept up the pressure Monday on Democratic Gov. Tim Walz to move faster toward allowing more businesses to reopen, saying many of them already have detailed plans for operating safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Coronavirus Updates: Some In GOP Eye Stay At Home Protests Warily, 'Republicans Are Nervous'The latest demonstration by right-wing groups against measures to contain the coronavirus is headed for Wisconsin, where hundreds of people or more plan to descend on the state Capitol to protest the Democratic governor's stay-home ordinance.
Minnesota Senate GOP Unveils Bills Aiming To Curb ViolenceOne bill would a require Minneapolis and St. Paul to use 10% of their local government aid funding to hire more police officers until they reach the national average of 3 officers for every 1,000 residents.
VP Mike Pence To Lead 'Keep America Great' Rally In St. PaulVice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence will lead a "Keep America Great" rally in downtown St. Paul next week.
House Democrats Again Push For Paid Family Leave For All Working MinnesotansDemocrats have pointed out that President Donald Trump has repeatedly mentioned paid family leave as a priority, and federal workers under his administration have gotten paid leave.
Rep. Angie Craig Says She's Undecided On Impeachment"I have to weigh the evidence and the facts, and fulfill my constitutional duty, and I will certainly be very thoughtful and deliberate as I make that decision.”
In April, Ilhan Omar Called Stephen Miller A 'White Nationalist,' Now Says 'We Have The Emails To Prove It'Omar retweeted her original tweet, in light of the Southern Poverty Law Center's recently-released report accusing Miller of having an "affinity for white nationalism revealed in leaked emails."
Trump Will Be The Only Republican On Presidential Primary Ballot In MinnesotaThe Republican Party of Minnesota has informed the state Secretary of State that Trump will be the only name listed on the 2020 Republican primary ballot.