'U' Researchers Pinpoint Enzyme That Leads To Several CancersThere has been a breakthrough in cancer research at the University of Minnesota.
Historic Cord Blood Transplant Could Cure HIV/AIDSUniversity of Minnesota physicians will perform the world's first cord blood transplant, which if successful, is designed to cure a pediatric patient of HIV/AIDS.
U Of M Research Discovers Way to Regenerate MusclesIt's being called breakthrough research by medical journals around the world, and it's happening at the University of Minnesota.
Health Watch: Brain Cancer Drug May Help Alzheimer’s PatientsA drug used to treat cancer may someday offer hope for patients living with Alzheimer's disease.
Study: Women, Moderate Drinking Linked To Healthier BonesA new study finds women who drink a moderate amount of alcohol can help prevent bone loss and that lowers their risk of getting osteoporosis.
Researchers: Excessive Sitting Linked To Chronic DiseasesToo much sitting at work or at home could be taking a couple years off your life.
Mayo Researchers Return To Minn. After Study Atop Everest A team of doctors and elite athletes are just back from a study that's far from the science lab.
U Of M Biofuels Researchers Team With GardenersUniversity of Minnesota biofuels researchers are teaming up with master gardeners in the school's extension service.
Algae Researchers Gather For SummitAlgae is the focus of a four-day commercial trade show in the Twin Cities, billed as the largest of its type in the nation.
Minnesota Researchers Begin Lake Superior StudyA half-hour's cruise out of Duluth, not far off the McQuade Road boat landing, Jay Austin gave the signal to let loose his $75,000 baby.
'U' Researchers Use Modified Salmonella To Combat CancerIn the kitchen, Salmonella can cause food poisoning. However, in the fight against cancer, it may become a powerful weapon.