Legislative Auditor Will Look Into MPCA's Role In Water Gremlin InvestigationThe manufacturing company released elevated levels of a toxic chemical into the air for more than 15 years. The MPCA is the regulatory agency overseeing Water Gremlin.
'We Won't Be Stonewalled': State Sen. Roger Chamberlain Calls For Water Gremlin Criminal InvestigationState Senator Roger Chamberlain is urging Ramsey County officials to investigate Water Gremlin, the White Bear Township company that was recently fined millions of dollar for pollution violations.
No Budget Agreement Yet With Weeks Left In Minnesota SessionThe DFL-controlled House just released its budget, asking for $1.2 billion in new spending on education, health care, and social services.
Senate Republicans Revive Private School Scholarships PlanSenate Taxes Chairman Roger Chamberlain is making another run at passing the proposal, which was dropped in 2017 amid a veto threat by then-Gov. Mark Dayton.
Minn. Senate Passes Plan To Sync State Taxes With Federal OverhaulThe Minnesota Senate prepared Thursday to vote on its plan syncing Minnesota's taxes with the federal government while modestly cutting income tax rates, the final piece of a three-way debate over taxes at the Capitol this year.
Emotions Flare At Anti-Bullying Bill HearingThose for and against an anti-bullying bill gave emotional and passionate testimony Tuesday at the Senate Education Hearing at the State Capitol. Critics say language in the bill which protects specific group, including gays, threatens religious freedom. But supporters say the bill protects all students. Two-hundred people waited in line to get into the hearing. Many, like the Ross family of Forest Lake, were forced to watch in an overflow room. They support the bill because sixth-grader Jake Ross was bullied while in second grade.