Minnesota Native Tyler Jacob Released After Being Detained In Russia
Minnesota House Votes Unanimously To Divest From Russia Due To War In UkraineThe Minnesota House voted unanimously Wednesday to divest the state's pension funds from Russia, joining states across the U.S. in putting financial pressure on the country over its war in Ukraine.
How To Better Secure 'The Data Of Your Life' Against Cyberattacks"The more devices that you have connected to the internet, the more chance for bad guys to exploit that device and connect to it," said cybersecurity engineer Eric Vollbrecht.
Congress Split Over How U.S. Should Help UkraineThe war in Ukraine continues with more civilian casualties. In Congress there is a debate over whether the U.S. is doing enough to help.
Jimmy Hill, Minnesotan Lost In Ukraine, Flew Into War To Help Sick PartnerJames “Jimmy” Hill, 68, was killed in a Russian attack on the northern Ukrainian city of Chernihiv that was reported Thursday, as his partner Irina Teslenko received treatment at a local hospital.
Minnesotan Jimmy Hill Killed In Ukraine Amid Russia’s InvasionA Minnesota native has been killed in Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion, according to his family and friends.
Minnesota Delegation Split After Zelinskyy's Plea To U.S. CongressRepublicans comments were muted, but most Democrats are giving President Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy enthusiastic support.
Winona Family Seeks Word From Tyler Jacob, Believed Detained By Russian AuthoritiesTyler decided to flee the Ukrainian city of Kherson to stay with a friend in Germany. He says he boarded a bus to head that way through Turkey, but at a checkpoint in Crimea, the Russian military stopped them.
Sen. Klobuchar Visits Poland As Hundreds Rally For Ukraine In MinneapolisA group marched in Minneapolis Sunday afternoon in solidarity with Ukraine. Meanwhile, Sen. Amy Klobuchar is in Poland seeing the refugee crisis first-hand.
General Mills Cuts Investment In Global Venture That Did Business In RussiaWhile the Minneapolis-based cereal maker says that it does not have any wholly-owned operations in Russia, it is stopping advertising and capital investment in a joint venture with Nestle called Cereal Partners Worldwide, which did business in Russia.
Bipartisan Group Of MN Lawmakers Pitch Divesting State Pension Funds From Russia After Ukraine Invasion“We can’t allow a single cent of our state to line the pockets of oligarchs and despots who sanction the murder of innocent citizens,” said Rep. Sydney Jordan, DFL-Minneapolis.