Sales Tax On Clothing Still 'On The Table'With ten days to go in the 2013 session, DFL legislative leaders held budget talks with Governor Mark Dayton Friday to hammer out their differences on tax and budget issues, including a Senate proposal to extend the state’s sale tax to clothing.
Senate Plan Would Expand Minn. Sales Tax, Cut RateThe debate over the size and reach of Minnesota's sales tax swept back into the state Capitol on Thursday with a Senate proposal to make everything from car repairs to dating services taxable.
Minn. Headed For Stand-Pat Year On Transportation The head of a transportation finance committee in the Minnesota Legislature doesn't expect to see a major infusion of money for roads, bridges and mass transit to come together this year.
Gov. Dayton Turns To 'Plan B' Budget Gov. Mark Dayton is asking Minnesota's wealthiest citizens to pay more than a billion dollars in new income taxes in order to boost state funding for schools and colleges by nearly $640 million.
Dayton Draws Minn. Tax Debate Into Sharper FocusGov. Mark Dayton on Thursday set up the clear-cut tax debate his aides say he's always craved, demanding that Minnesota's best-off residents pay higher income taxes to boost spending on education and other services.
Will Dayton Drop His Clothing Tax Proposal?Minnesota retailers are hoping Gov. Mark Dayton will reconsider the part of his budget plan that would tax some pieces of clothing.
Dayton Ready To Drop Minnesota Sales Tax OverhaulAfter taking a lot of heat from the business community, Gov. Mark Dayton is dropping one of his sales tax proposals.
Dayton: Revised Budget Coming Early Next WeekMinnesota Gov. Mark Dayton hasn't decided whether to keep a proposed sales tax expansion intact but says he expects to announce a revised budget early next week.
Dayton Administration Puts Finer Point On Tax PlanGov. Mark Dayton's administration is striking back against perceptions that his proposed sales tax expansion would put Minnesota business at a disadvantage when bidding for service contracts in other states.
Key Points From 'State Of The State' AddressIn his third “State of the State” address Wednesday night at the State Capitol, Gov. Dayton focused mainly on the budget, but he did throw in one surprise. He gave his biggest statement yet in support of legalizing gay marriage.
Gov. Walker Says He's Not Going To Raise Sales Tax Gov. Scott Walker says he won't be proposing eliminating the income tax in favor of a steep sales tax hike.
Sales Tax Plan Would Be Boon To Some Minn. Cities About two dozen Minnesota cities and counties whose sales taxes piggyback on the state's would see a gusher of new money if Gov. Mark Dayton's proposed sales tax expansion prevails.
Talking Points: Gov. Dayton's Sales Tax ProposalIn the coming weeks, Gov. Mark Dayton will be trying to sell his new tax plan. The plan would reduce the current sales tax rate from 6.8 percent to 5.5 percent, while increasing the number of goods and services that will be taxed.
Reality Check: Perspective On Minnesota’s Sales TaxEven though Minnesota's sales tax is high, it takes in a less money than other states with similar tax rates.
Dayton Must Sell Sales Tax Change To Fellow DFLers State Rep. Ben Lien is a freshman Democrat from Moorhead, where clothing merchants enjoy an advantage over competitors in Fargo just across the river because Minnesota doesn't have a sales tax on apparel.