Parkland, Fla. Students Visit Twin Cities To Register VotersThe tour is called "Road to Change" and includes 50 stops in more than 20 states.
Chilling School Shooting 'Lockdown' Nursery Rhyme Goes ViralA "jarring" nursery rhyme posted in a Massachusetts classroom to help prepare young children for a lockdown has gone viral.
In Wake Of Mass Shootings, NRA Pins Blame On Familiar TargetsThe National Rifle Association and many Republican leaders insist the root of the problem is not guns but a range of issues such as mental health, school security, video games and excessive prescriptions of attention-deficit disorder drugs such as Ritalin.
Mass School Shootings Most Likely To Happen In Small-Town, Suburban AmericaIf you want to know where mass school shootings are most likely to occur, look no farther than small-town and suburban America.
These Are The Victims Of The Santa Fe High School ShootingThe 10 victims slain in the Santa Fe High School shooting were not done with life. Far from it.
Students Walk Out On 19th Anniversary Of Columbine ShootingsThis comes two months after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.
Santorum: Students Should Learn CPR, Not Seek Gun LawsFormer Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum said Sunday that students who have rallied for gun control should instead learn CPR or find their own way to prevent a school shooting.
What Do Minnesotans Think Of Trump's Gun Control Plan?The White House Monday announced its plan on new gun measures, nearly one month after the deadly school shooting in Florida.
Trump's Plan To Combat School Shootings: Gun Training For Teachers, No Minimum Age Raise President Donald Trump's plan to combat school shootings will include helping states pay for firearms training for teachers and a call to improve the background check system.
Company's Solution For School Shootings? Weaponize The BuildingIn the wake of the Florida school shootings, a Twin Cities security company believes it's time to fight back with weaponzied buildings.
Osseo School Chairman Proposes Armed Volunteers At SchoolsAn Osseo School Board Chairman has suggested bringing in armed volunteers to schools to help prevent school shootings.