St. Paul Will Raise Minimum Wage To $15 An HourWhile most workers like the idea of a raise, there are still some questions about what it will do to those employees who depend on tips.
St. Paul City Council Member Dai Thao Cleared In Ballot DisputeA St. Paul city council member has been cleared of charges related to an incident when he helped a woman vote for him. The Pioneer Press reports that the verdict written by a Ramsey County District Court judge found that Dai Thao translated for a Hmong woman with the "full knowledge" of election judges and it wasn't until after the ballot was cast that he was told he could not help the voter in any way.
St. Paul City Leaders Propose $15 Minimum Wage OrdinanceSt. Paul officials have announced a proposal to raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour.
Minimum Wage, Tip Credit Debate Heats Up In St. PaulThere are two options: Pay people $15 an hour on top of their tips, or implement a tip credit.
St. Paul To Share Results Of Minimum Wage StudyThe St. Paul City Council will share results of a study on the minimum wage Wednesday night, and will ask for public’s input.
St. Paul City Council Candidate Arrested Again For Violating Protection OrderDavid Martinez, who was arrested on Thursday, also admitted to recently taking a firearms course which required him to possess a firearm, and police deemed the course a violation of the protection order and issued a second citation.
St. Paul Council Candidate Arrested For Possible Revenge PornDavid Martinez was arrested early Monday for felony non-consensual dissemination of private sexual images.
Police Begin St. Paul City Council Candidate InvestigationPolice are investigating a city council candidate after a semi-nude photo of a woman, believed to be his wife, was posted to his campaign website.
St. Paul City Council Approves Proposal For Highland Park Ford SiteThe city council approved the master proposal for the old Ford plant in Highland Park with a 5-2 vote.
St. Paul Neighborhoods Battle Over Redeveloping Ford Plant SiteThe city's plan has neighbors at odds with each other over how the site should be redeveloped.
St. Paul Police Chief Takes Issue With City Councilman's Facebook CommentsThe St. Paul Police Chief is calling out a city council member for a Facebook post he wrote about an officer-involved shooting.