Vikings Owners Hint At Retractable Roof For StadiumThe Metrodome always felt like a rental property for Zygi and Mark Wilf, two New Jersey real estate developers who purchased the Minnesota Vikings in 2005 with the hopes of moving out of the place as quickly as possible.
Minn. House Passes Vikings Stadium BillThe Minnesota House has voted to pass the $975 million stadium bill late Monday night.
Mark Rosen On Stadium: 'The Time Is Now'One way or another, our long, long Viking stadium issue is coming to a conclusion, starting with the critical vote in the House probably sometime late Monday night.
Gov. Dayton Vetoes Tax Bill, Stadium Bill ThreatenedMinnesota. Gov. Mark Dayton wasted no time Friday vetoing a Republican-crafted tax plan sent to him the night before that contained breaks for businesses but would have taken money from the state's rainy day reserves.
Mood Acrimonious As Vikings Stadium Talks ContinueGov. Mark Dayton pronounced the monthslong state push to help build a new Minnesota Vikings stadium a "fiasco" on Wednesday, as the Legislature's Republican leaders proposed a significantly smaller state contribution to the project.
Vikings Fan Occupies Capitol; Says He’ll Stay ‘Until It’s Approved Or They Move’While the Vikings stadium bill remains inactive at the Capitol, the fans continued their "purple presence" outside.
Minn. Committee Passes Stadium Bill To Full Senate The Senate Taxes Committee has narrowly sent the $1 billion Vikings stadium bill to the floor of the Minnesota Senate.
Key Minn. Senate Committee Takes On Vikes' Stadium Bill A key committee of the Minnesota Senate is taking up the $1 billion Vikings stadium bill.
Hurdles Left As Vikings Plan Nears Decisive VotesThe Minnesota Vikings stadium stampede is driving ahead, but some lawmakers are trying to slow its progress. The team's bid for a nearly $1 billion stadium is nearing decisive action in the state Legislature.
11th Hour Life For Vikings Stadium BillThe final week of the legislative session is starting off with a double dose of Vikings stadium hearings. That plan has lurched back to life and it's moving closer to votes by the full House and Senate.
Talking Points: Key Players Say ‘It’s Now Or Never’ For Stadium BillAccording to the Minnesota Vikings, this week is do or die as far as getting a new stadium bill passed.