Study: Minnesotans Rank Among Nation's Worst DriversA new study released Thursday ranks Minnesotans among the worst drivers in the country.
Study: Americans Would Spend Nearly $300 A Night For 'Perfect' SleepAmericans are reportedly willing to spend nearly $300 each day for a “perfect night” of sleep.
Study: Unhealthy Weight Control Efforts Started In Childhood Persist Into AdulthoodA study done by the University of Minnesota shows unhealthy weight control efforts that begin in adolescence often continue, and even intensify, into adulthood.
Study: Parents Get About 30 Minutes Of ‘Me Time’ Every DayParents may feel like they never have a lot of free time.
UMN Study: Socioeconomic Status Affects Childhood Cancer Survival RatesA new study from the University of Minnesota says socioeconomic status can account for the racial and ethnic survival disparity for some types of childhood cancer.
Study: Businessmen More Likely To Cheat On Expense Reports Than BusinesswomenFilling out expense reports is pretty standard procedure for many business men and women. But now, a new study shows men are more like to cheat on those expense reports than women.
Study: Bacon Linked To Causing Cancer
4 Things To Know: 1 In 5 Online 'Almost Constantly', St. Paul School Violence & MoreFrom a new study on how much we use the Internet to flooding in the Pacific Northwest, here are the four stories to know for Wednesday, Dec. 9.
Teens & Technology: Study Finds 25 Percent Are Online 'Almost Constantly'A new study by the <a href="" target="_blank">Pew Research Center</a> shows just how much teens are using technology and social media.
Study: Instant Access To Information Results In Unrealistic Sense Of KnowledgeHow smart do you think you are? Because you may not be as intelligent as you think. A new study from the American Psychological Association suggests that instant, online access to information may be inflating people's sense of their own intelligence.
Study: Kids Who Try Alcohol Early More Likely To Abuse ItIt has always been a hot topic: kids and alcohol. So, should you let them try a sip, or not? A new long-term study found that kids who had sipped alcohol were more likely to start drinking earlier and to abuse alcohol.