Survey: Quarter Of Women At UW-Madison Sexually AssaultedMore than a quarter of University of Wisconsin-Madison undergraduate women who responded to a new survey say they've been sexually assaulted.
Study: 1 In 8 American Adults Rarely Eat BreakfastA new study shows a significant number of American adults opt to skip breakfast.
Survey Finds The Most Hated Household ChoreChores around the house are not known to be a pleasant experience for most, but there are certainly chores that are more hated and enjoyed than others.
Survey: Many Would Still Work If They Could Afford Not ToIf you could afford not to work, would you still go to your job?
Survey: Americans Waste An Average Of $5K On Non-Essential Purchases A YearWe talk quite a bit on WCCO about saving for emergencies and retirement. But a new survey shows people are still wasting a lot of money.
Survey: A Majority Of Americans Say They Can Change A Flat TireIf you were driving and heard that dreaded "thump, thump, thump", would you know how to change your own tire?
Survey: Nearly Half Of US Workers Don't Get A Holiday BonusA holiday bonus used to be pretty common for many companies. But don't count on it anymore.
Parents Worry About Their Kids Nearly 40 Hours A Week, Survey FindsThere are plenty of things about kids that can cause parents to worry: school, a cold, bullies. Now, a new survey shows that parents spend about 37 hours a week stressing out over their kids.
Survey: Nearly 40 Percent Of Americans Work Side JobA new Bankrate survey shows a lot of Americans have a side job to have a little more disposable income, or to help make ends meet.
StubHub Survey Finds What Americans Would Give Up To See Favorite MusicianMost of us probably have a favorite musician you'd pay a little extra to go see in concert. But, what if you could trade something instead - something that you would have to give up?
Immigration Survey: Most Minnesotans Don’t Want To Build A WallA new survey on immigration shows that Minnesotans don’t support building a wall along the Mexican border and that most feel that immigrants have a positive impact on the country.