Many Played More Music To Lift Their Spirits During Pandemic, Survey FindsA new survey in Great Britain showed about a third said they played more music during the pandemic.
Peak Age Might Be Later Than You Might Think, According To SurveyA new OnePoll survey shows most Americans think 37 will be the best year of their lives.
1 In 3 Drivers Say Cars Are Too Full Of Junk To Have Room For PassengersOne if five say they haven't cleaned their car in the past three months and 10% say they can't even remember the last time the cleaned.
America's Least Favorite Pizza Topping Is ... Not PineappleA new survey finds, not terribly surprisingly, that America's #1 favorite pizza topping is pepperoni, followed closely behind by sausage.
Poll: 3 Of 4 People Would Choose Their Phones Over Their CarsThree out of four among those polled said their phone has irreplaceable information, such as photos, their contact list and password and login credentials.
Average Fridge Has 5 Expired Items In It, Survey FindsAlso, 60% of those surveyed say they forget about their leftovers.
Survey Finds Moving Is More Stressful For Many Than Getting Divorced, Having KidsAbout 64 percent said a recent move was the most stressful thing they had to go through.
Minneapolis Ranks 11th In Nation For Coffee; St. Paul Is 41stThe survey looked at everything from the number of coffee shops in the city to the average price for a pack of coffee. Seattle came out on top.
Loyalty Is Top Most-Desirable Trait In Friends, Survey FindsTrustworthiness comes in second. Kindness was in third place, followed by being accepting of faults and sharing the same values.
What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About Your PersonalityA new OnePoll survey, in conjunction with Breyers, found that people who like strawberry ice cream like doing laundry, watching sci-fi movies, and listening to jazz.
Nearly Half Of Americans Believe In Ghosts & DemonsDespite their popularity in books and movies, only 13 percent think vampires are out there.