Study Shows Preference Between Relaxing Vacations And Adventurous OnesNow, a new survey shows twice as many people prefer to relax as opposed to doing something adventurous. While 55% say they like a healthy mix.
Travel Is The Top 'Big Plan' For Most Americans In 2022A new One Poll survey shows Travel is the biggest life goal, either domestically or abroad. That's followed by buying a home or a car comes in next, followed by going to a concert or festival and furnishing a home or apartment and going to a wedding.
Couples That Share (Rather Than Split) Chores Tend To Be Happier, Study FindsThe research shows couples that did chores together tended to be happier than those who divided up the housework.
Baseball Fans Expected To Devour 19M Hot Dogs This SeasonAccording to, the most uniquely Minnesotan topping for hot dogs is sweet relish.
Majority Of Americans Say Walking Is Their Preferred Transportation, Survey SaysA new OnePoll survey found that 54 percent of Americans say walking is their preferred mode of transportation when possible.
Survey: America's Favorite Vegetables Are Broccoli, Carrots, SpinachAccording to a new study, America's favorite vegetables are broccoli and carrots, with spinach rounding out the top three.
Those Who Don't Schedule Their Days Might Get More Done, Research SaysHow much do you rely on a schedule to get you through your day?
Survey: Most Americans Feel Buyers' Remorse OnlineSome of the most common complaints: feeling like the item wasn't worth the amount paid, not using it all that often, and spending too much in the first place.
Survey: Many People Get Recipes From Loved Ones Over CookbooksWe've all likely been cooking at home a lot the last couple of years. But where do you turn when you need a new recipe?
Coffee, Tea Or Water? Millennials Have A Definite Preference, Survey FindsAccording to a new survey, coffee drinkers have the most drive to start the day, but only 29% keep the steam when the clock changes to afternoon.
Survey: For The Best Night's Sleep, Go To Bed At 9:39 P.M.According to a new survey, Americans who go to bed at 9:39 p.m. have the best night's sleep.