Half Of Americans Say They Knew Their Partner Was 'The One' Right Away, Survey FindsThe survey shows a big factor in knowing when the relationship was more than casual was when they introduced the partner to friends and parents.
Many Use Self-Checkout To Avoid Cashiers' Judgements, Survey FindsA new survey finds that two out of five Americans use self-checkout lanes to make sure they're not being judged over their buys. About 40% say they buy healthy items to make sure they're not judged.
Packing, Covering Costs Are Least-Liked Aspects Of Taking Vacations, Survey FindsA new survey reveals what people like the most and least about vacations. Sightseeing and staying in a hotel and the top two things liked best.
Most Americans Can't Do 10 Pushups In A Row, Study FindsRemember back in school when they'd test you on how many pushups you could do in gym class? A new study looks into what the average American can do in terms of pushups, and the results aren't entirely encouraging.
Average Shopper Wastes Nearly $1,500 In Food Annually, Survey FindsDo you manage to eat everything that you buy from the grocery store? Odds are you, like most people, end up throwing some items out.
Survey: 71% Of Parents Miss Back-To-School RoutinesThey included packing lunch, shopping for clothes, shopping for school supplies and even drop-off lines.
About Half Of Americans Say They'll Fill Up On Snacks Instead Of Eating Full MealsA new survey shows seven in 10 Americans say they have a treat with them at all times.
Grilled Foods And Lemonade Are The Top Flavors Of Summer, Survey FindsThe favorite flavor of summer is lemonade, but things like barbecue and melon weren't far behind.
Two-Thirds Say They're More Outgoing On Vacation, Survey FindsPeople say they're more likely to try exotic foods, spend more money and laugh more than when they're at home.
Minnesota's #1 Favorite Junk Food Is ...National Junk Food Day was this week, and a Google search trends study found that donuts, pie and ice cream are the most popular junk foods nationwide.
Survey: Top 20 Most Common Excuses For Skipping WorkoutsA new survey shows the classic excuse of "I'm too tired" was number one. "It's raining" and "It's cold" were number two and three.