Malt Cup Is Minnesota's Most Popular Ice Cream Truck TreatA new list by the Daily Mail shows the most popular ice cream truck treat in every state.
4 In 10 Want To Date Someone Passionate About Cuisine, Survey FindsAbout 38% say fussy eaters are a turn-off, while more than four in 10 say being a good cook is a turn-on.
Price, Electricity Are Most-Cited Factors For The Perfect CampsitesWhen people head out to go camping they want to find the perfect campsite. But what makes it perfect? The two biggest factors might surprise you.
Peonies Are The Most-Grown Flowers In Minnesota, Survey FindsThe favorite flower nationwide is the rose, with 19 states choosing it, followed by the sunflower with six states.
Broccoli Is America's Favorite Vegetable, Poll Finds, But Minnesota's Favorite Veggie Is ...Corn was actually tops in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, along with Iowa and South Dakota. North Dakota went with the majority in picking broccoli.
Majority Of Campers Would Rather Do So In An RV, Says Results Of RV SurveyIt's the time of year when people love to go camping, but people's idea of camping can be different.
Teens Are The Worst Backseat Drivers, Survey ReportsThe biggest backseat driving advice was when to turn, you're going too slow and white-knuckling the dashboard.
Nearly Half Of Americans Hide Their Favorite Snacks, Survey FindsForty-six percent of those surveyed said they hid snacks simply because they don't want to share.
Survey: More Workers Would Turn Down Big Raise In Order To Continue Working From HomeNow a new survey by professional network Blind found that nearly two-thirds of workers say they would turn down a $30,000 raise to keep working from home.
Average American Over 40 Feels Younger, Survey FindsOn average, the OnePoll survey showed people feel about seven years younger.
People Are Getting A Jump On The Summer Season, Survey FindsA new OnePoll survey shows 59% of people say their summer will be well underway before the official June 20 start.