Essar Steel Agrees To Loan Payback Plan, Dayton SaysEssar Steel Minnesota has agreed to repay the state loans tied to its taconite plant project on Minnesota's Iron Range after the company was given a deadline to accept a repayment timeline, Gov. Mark Dayton said Thursday.
Royalty Rates Cut For Taconite ProducersMinnesota officials are giving a break to three taconite producers by retroactively lowering their royalty rates on ore mined on the Iron Range.
Magnetation Warns Of Layoffs At Bovey PlantAnother batch of worrisome taconite industry news is hitting Minnesota's Iron Range.
US Steel To Idle Keetac Taconite Plant, Layoffs PossibleAnother 210 workers at the Keetac taconite plant could face layoffs as U.S. Steel plans another full idling of the facility.
State Cuts Royalty Rates On Taconite Mined By US SteelU.S. Steel will temporarily pay less in royalties to Minnesota for the ore it extracts from the Iron Range.
House, Senate Move To Provide Help To Idled Taconite WorkersA measure that has won initial backing of Minnesota House and Senate lawmakers would ensure that Iron Range taconite workers are eligible for unemployment benefits when several plants are idled in coming months.
Iron Range Board Approves Protecting Trust FundThe Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board has approved a plan to protect a trust fund from potential raids by state government. The IRRRB is funded by a taconite production tax paid by mining companies in lieu of local property taxes.
Researchers Present Final Report On Taconite RisksA final report to the Legislature on a six-year, $4.9 million University of Minnesota study says the state's taconite workers face higher risks from a rare form of lung cancer called mesothelioma the longer they've worked in the industry or if they've had above-average exposures to certain kinds of dust.
Minn. Taconite Prospects Bright For 2014 And 2015 Prospects look bright for Minnesota's iron mining industry in 2014 and 2015 after a dip in production this year. State officials expect 2013 will end with production of about 38.9 million tons of taconite.
UMD Researchers Develop 'Nuclear Option' To Fix PotholesResearchers at the University of Minnesota-Duluth have developed a revolutionary new treatment for those pesky potholes: Just nuke them. A decade of work has uncovered the unlikely combination of magnetite and microwave energy, a mixture that could lead to smoother roads and fewer orange barrels.
Taconite Tax Will Help Pay For Iron Range Schools A Minnesota taconite iron ore tax increase will be used to rebuild and retool Iron Range schools. The 10 cent-a-ton tax increase was included in the state Legislature's final omnibus tax bill signed into law by Gov. Mark Dayton Thursday.