Frustrated Dayton Threatens Veto On Tax, Spending BillsMinnesota lawmakers are retrying with a tax bill by folding in funding for schools suffering budget shortfalls.
Trump Jr. Says WikiLeaks Asked For Tax ReturnsDonald Trump Jr. says he received direct messages via Twitter from WikiLeaks asking if he would leak his father's tax return.
GOP House Passes Tax Bill, Testing DaytonGov. Mark Dayton has vowed he won't consider a tax bill until the Legislature authorizes emergency funding for public schools. Republican lawmakers are calling Dayton's bluff.
Seattle OKs Taxing Companies Like Amazon, Starbucks To Help With Affordable HousingSeattle's largest businesses such as Amazon and Starbucks will have to pay a new tax to help fund homeless services and affordable housing under a measure approved by city leaders.
Lawmakers Running Out Of Time To Tackle Taxes, School FundingBy law, state lawmakers cannot meet past a certain date, which this year is May 21.
Time Is Running Short As Lawmakers' To-Do List Remains LongJust like they started the session, Minnesota's Legislature is entering the homestretch with a long to-do list. But now they have only a week to finish it.
Minn. Senate Passes Plan To Sync State Taxes With Federal OverhaulThe Minnesota Senate prepared Thursday to vote on its plan syncing Minnesota's taxes with the federal government while modestly cutting income tax rates, the final piece of a three-way debate over taxes at the Capitol this year.
Minn. GOP Lawmakers Unveil Sweeping Tax PlanIf lawmakers do nothing at Minnesota's tax code, hundreds of thousands could face steep tax hikes