Minnesota House Approves Legislation To Ban Toxic Chemical TCE; Gov. Walz Expected To Sign This WeekThe Minnesota House passed a bill Wednesday to ban the use of toxic chemical TCE. Gov. Tim Walz is expected to sign it into law this week, which would make Minnesota the first state to ban TCE.
MN Senate Passes Bill Banning Toxic Chemical TCE, House To Vote Next WeekNeighbors who live near Water Gremlin in White Bear Township have been vocal since learning the manufacturing plant put their families at risk.
Minnesota Senate OK's Ban On Toxic Chemical TCE, House To Vote NextFor years, people living near Water Gremlin were unknowingly exposed to extreme and unsafe levels of the toxic chemical TCE.
MPCA Found 8 Facilities With Substantial Emissions Of Dangerous ChemicalsThe Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's assessment of 86 facilities resulted in eight facilities, all in the metro, that had substantial emissions of TCE.
TCE In Minnesota: Efforts To Phase Out CarcinogenThe neighborhood surrounding Water Gremlin in White Bear Township hadn't heard of TCE until they learned the manufacturing plant had released unsafe levels of the toxic chemical for more than 15 years.
State Health Leaders Address Pollution Investigation In White Bear TownshipFor the first time, state health leaders are answering questions about a pollution investigation WCCO has been tracking for months.
Community Group Pushes For Changes Over Pollution ConcernsA community watchdog group formed after learning a manufacturing plant exposed them to cancer-causing pollution for years.
Como Neighborhood Sues General Mills Over TCEA Minneapolis neighborhood is taking on General Mills in two class-action lawsuits. Residents in the Como neighborhood of Minneapolis say chemicals dumped years ago at an old General Mills research facility near their homes lowers property values and puts their health at risk.
Health Department: Harmful Vapor Entering SE Minneapolis HomesHealth officials said Thursday a harmful vapor is potentially entering homes and buildings in parts of Minneapolis, and it’s raising health concerns for residents. The Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency sent letters on Wednesday to residents in the Como neighborhood of southeast Minneapolis to alert them of the issue.