Would You Let Your Teen Get A Tattoo?The biggest concern parents had about letting their teen get a tattoo was the possibility they'd regret it in the future.
Study: They Don't Grow Up So Fast These DaysThe authors say the time teenagers are spending online may be behind the trend.
Study: Teens Respond Better To Positive IncentivesAny parent knows dealing with a moody teen can be tricky. Now, a new study says teens respond better to positive incentives, instead of penalties -- like taking away a cell phone or tablet.
Lakeville Driver Accused Of Threatening Rollerblading Teen With PipeAn angry Lakeville driver is accused of purposely hitting a rollerblading teenager with his car and then the threatening the 15-year-old with a metal pipe.
Group Of Techie Teens From Twin Cities Heading To Silicon ValleyA group of tech-minded teens from the Twin Cities is on the summer trip of a lifetime this week. It's an all-expenses paid, hands-on field trip to Silicon Valley.
Accomplish With Kylie: 'Cookie Cart' Giving Teens Skills To SucceedIf you haven't had a cookie from Cookie Cart yet, you'll want to get one as soon as possible. But it's about much more than cookies, which Jason DeRusha and Kylie Bearse found out in this week's Accomplish with Kylie.
Teens & Technology: Study Finds 25 Percent Are Online 'Almost Constantly'A new study by the <a href="http://www.pewinternet.org/2015/04/09/teens-social-media-technology-2015/" target="_blank">Pew Research Center</a> shows just how much teens are using technology and social media.
Teens Spend Average Of $324 On 'Promposals,' Survey FindsAn annual survey of prom spending finds teens will spend a staggering amount of money on those so-called "promposals," or in other words, those elaborate ways to ask a sweetheart to the big dance.
Harteau: Nicollet Mall Disturbance Was An Isolated EventMinneapolis Police are reviewing surveillance video after a large group of teenagers caused a disruption along Nicollet Mall Tuesday evening. In a possibly separate incident downtown, Minneapolis police also responded to a non-life threatening gunshot wound and began searching for a suspect.
Study Says Teens Growing More Sleep DeprivedTeenagers are not getting enough sleep according to a recent study.
Starkey Foundation Warns Of Headphone RiskOne way to make a teenager happy this holiday season> Buy them something to turn up the music and tune out the world. MP3 players, iPods and high-quality headphones are on the wish lists of many teens again this season. But the price may go well beyond what's on the sales receipt.