After Guilty Verdict In Terror Trial, Community Speaks OutOne day after a jury convicted three Minneapolis men of trying to join ISIS and commit murder, community activists are speaking out about the issue.
Jury Deliberations Continue In Terror TrialA Twin Cities jury will continue deliberating the fate of three Minnesota terror suspects Thursday. Prosecutors charged Abdirahman Daud, Mohamed Farah and Guled Omar with trying to join ISIS.
Closing Arguments Given In Terror Trial, Deliberations BeginJury deliberations are expected to begin soon in the federal trial of three Minnesota men accused of plotting to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State group.
Closing Arguments Expected Tuesday In Terror TrialClosing arguments are expected Tuesday in the three week trial of three young Twin Cities men accused of trying to join ISIS.
I-35W Bridge Collapse Survivor Linked To ISISAccording to court testimony in a federal terrorism trial, Mohamed Roble — one of the 145 people injured in the Minneapolis bridge collapse that killed 13 people — is believed to be in Syria with the Islamic State group.
Defendant In Terror Trial Continues TestimonyOnly one of the defendants, 21-year-old Guled Omar, took the stand in his own defense.
Defendant In Terror Trial Takes The StandOne of the three defendants in the Twin Cities terror trial took the stand Thursday afternoon in his own defense.
Families Clash For 2nd-Straight Day At Terror TrialTensions exploded for the second-consecutive day at a Twin Cities terror trial. Sahra Warsame, the sister of Abdirizak Warsame, was handcuffed and briefly detained Wednesday morning as she and at least 30 others waited to get into court Wednesday morning.
Minneapolis Terror Trial: A TimelineOver the past several years in Minneapolis, federal authorities say 10 young men attempted to provide material support to the terrorist organization ISIS.
Terror Trial Judge Warns Defendant's Mom To Stop ConfrontationsA federal Judge issued a warning to the mother of one of the defendants in the Twin Cities terror trial Tuesday. Abdirahman Daud, Mohamed Farah and Guled Omar are all on trial accused of trying to join ISIS.
FBI Informant Begins Third Day Of Testimony In Terror TrialFederal prosecutors continued their questioning of their key witness in the terror trial</a> involving three Minnesota men. Abdirahman Bashir, 20, was an FBI informant who secretly recorded his friends as they discussed plans to allegedly try and join ISIS.