Movie Blog: This Week's Best BetsThis week sees the start of both the latest Sound Unseen, one of the most highly-anticipated annual events of the Twin Cities film and music scenes, as well as the astonishingly comprehensive Images of Africa festival at St. Anthony Main.
Movie Blog: This Week's Best BetsI've been informed that many if not all of the screenings of "12 Years a Slave" at the Uptown Theatre were sold out this weekend, so I guess the first thing that should be on your movie checklist for the coming week would be that, if you weren't among the lucky ones to snag a ticket.
Movie Blog: Horrific Local Screenings For HalloweenIf you're looking to get your guts turned inside out with fear leading up to Halloween, there are a few options around town you can take advantage of. (Also, if you'd rather stay home and get scared, I have a few suggestions for films to rent both old and new.)
Movie Blog: This Week's Best BetsHalloween weekend elect is upon us. So don't even pretend you want to see anything other than blood, bones, gore and mayhem. Here are the best options for repertory and limited-release entertainment this week.
Movie Blog: This Week's Best BetsThirty-one days of horror continue this week, with a couple irresistible Halloween-friendly titles screening in local repertory houses. But it's not all ghost, goblins and electrically-charged prototypes for Marge Simpson's hairstyle.
Movie Blog: This Week's Best BetsIt's going to be a good weekend at Landmark Theaters for movie-goers who specifically seek out movies that tie into current events. Here is a list of some of the other limited release screenings you'll want to check out this week.
Movie Blog: This Week's Best BetsThere's something wicked in the air. Nearly all of my suggested best bets for Twin Cities film fans are either horror movies or arty interpolations of horror tropes or dissertations on the variety to be found within the genre.
Movie Blog: This Week's Best BetsWe're in the final stretch of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival, but in case your plate wasn't full enough, there are a few other options around town.
Movie Blog: This Week's Best BetsGood things come to those who wait ... and those good things are available this week. Check out some of the best screening options around town this week.
Movie Blog: This Week's Best BetsI always say March is the roughest month for Minnesotans, as far as weather goes. Here you are, thinking you've made it through the long winter and expecting a period of one progressively warmer week after another.
Best Unique Things At Mall Of AmericaThe Mall of America has called Minnesota home for nearly 20 years but there might be many things you don't know about the second-largest mall in North America. With more than 500 stores and 2.5 million square feet of retail space, there is plenty to see. And there's plenty you don't want to miss! From dizzying heights to exploring the depths of the ocean, the Mall of America gives a unique experience to its visitors if you look beyond the massive amounts of shopping you could accomplish. So take a look at some of the unique things at the Mall and check them off your list on your next visit.