Hennepin County Judge Issues Gag Order In George Floyd CaseThe Hennepin County judge in the case against four officers charged in George Floyd's death issued a gag order in the case Thursday.
Transcripts Show What Officer Derek Chauvin Said To George Floyd: 'It Takes A Heck Of A Lot Of Oxygen To Talk'As George Floyd told Minneapolis police officers that he couldn't breathe more than 20 times in the moments before he died, the officer who pressed his knee against Floyd's neck dismissed his pleas, saying “it takes a heck of a lot of oxygen to talk," according to transcripts of body camera video recordings made public Wednesday.
Legal Expert: Officer Thomas Lane's Motion To Dismiss Case Against Him Will Be 'Tough Decision' For JudgeWCCO spoke with Susan Gaertner, who has been both a county attorney and criminal defense attorney, about Thomas Lane's motion to dismiss the charges against him in the death of George Floyd.
George Floyd Case: Ex-Officer Lane’s Defense Files For Charges To Be Dismissed; Releases Transcripts Of 2 Body-Worn CamerasThe defense team for fired Minneapolis police officer Thomas Lane, who is charged in George Floyd’s death, has filed a motion for the charges to be dismissed.
Tou Thao, Ex-Officer Charged In The Death Of George Floyd, Released From JailTou Thao, one of the four former Minneapolis police officers involved in the deadly arrest of George Floyd in late May, has been released from jail Saturday after posting bond, according to Hennepin County officials.
All 4 Officers Involved In George Floyd’s Death Appear In Court; Judge Warns Of Possible Move Of TrialA Minnesota judge on Monday warned that he's likely to move the trials of four police officers charged in George Floyd's death out of Minneapolis if public officials and attorneys don't stop talking about the case.
Judge Denies Video, Audio Coverage Of Pre-Trial For Former Officers Accused In George Floyd's DeathOn Friday, a Hennepin County judge denied the request of audio or visual recordings in the courtroom in covering the pre-trial of the four former Minneapolis police officers charged in the killing of George Floyd.
‘You Can Call Me A Snitch If You Want To’: Concerned 911 Dispatcher Called MPD Sergeant During George Floyd’s ArrestThe City of Minneapolis on Monday released a phone recording of a concerned 911 dispatcher contacting a police sergeant during the George Floyd incident.
Judge Peter Cahill Appointed To Cases Of All 4 Fired MPD Officers Involved In George Floyd's DeathJudge Peter Cahill has been assigned to oversee the cases of all four former Minneapolis Police officers involved with George Floyd's death.
Thomas Lane, Ex-Officer Charged In George Floyd's Death, Leaves Jail After Posting BondThomas Lane, one of the four former Minneapolis police officers involved in the death of George Floyd, has been released from Hennepin County Jail Wednesday afternoon after posting bond, according to jail records. His bail had been set at $1 million.
Attorney Representing Thomas Lane, Ex-Cop Involved In George Floyd's Death, Argues Case Against His Client Is 'Weak'The initial court appearance for three of the four ex-Minneapolis police officers involved with George Floyd's appeared to be a standard hearing - until Thomas Lane's attorney gave an impassioned argument defending his client.