Former AG Mike Hatch Files To Run For His Old JobAnother Minnesota politician is looking to get his old job back.
Dayton Endorses Erin Murphy In Race For GovernorAfter winning the DFL endorsement in the race for governor over the weekend, State Rep. Erin Murphy received Monday an endorsement from the man currently holding the office.
Jeff Johnson Prepares For August Showdown With Pawlenty In GOP PrimaryJohnson easily won the February caucuses and the endorsement at his party's convention, but it doesn't seem like he is getting a lot of respect.
Minnesota DFL, GOP Hold Nominating ConventionsSeveral key election year positions are up for endorsement, including the coveted seat of Minnesota's governor.
Tim Pawlenty Announces Lt. Gov. Fischbach As Running MatePawlenty is not planning to attend the Republican party convention. He has said he'll make his case to voters in the Aug. 14 primary instead.
Reality Check: Do Candidates Need Party Endorsements?Minnesota Republicans and Democrats hold conventions this weekend to pick candidates up and down the election ticket.
Pawlenty To Skip GOP Convention, Go Straight To PrimaryHis campaign says the two-term governor entered the race too late for to have a "fair fight" for the endorsement.
Molnau Endorses Johnson, Snubs Prior Running Mate PawlentyAsked if she thought Tim Pawlenty shouldn't get the job again, she said: "I just haven't thought about Mr. Pawlenty at all."
Pawlenty: I’ll Continue My Campaign, With Or Without Party EndorsementThe Minnesota Republican Party will endorse a candidate in June, but the primary isn't until August.
Republican Keith Downey Bows Out Of Governor’s RaceRepublican Keith Downey announced Wednesday that he is withdrawing from the Minnesota governor’s race.
Pawlenty Has Already Raised $1M, Dwarfing His GOP RivalsFormer Gov. Tim Pawlenty raised a staggering $1 million before he formally declared he would run for his old job, dwarfing the campaign funds of fellow Republicans who have been in the race for months, according to campaign finance reports released Tuesday.
Dayton Criticizes Pawlenty, Addresses Case Of The Mummified MonkeyDayton charges that Pawlenty left Minnesota in "disastrous financial shape."
Reality Check: Can Tim Pawlenty Run For A Third Term?If Tim Pawlenty wins another term, he's on pace to be the longest-serving governor in Minnesota history.
GOP Plans To Drop $2.3M In Advertising For Governor's RaceThe Republican Governors Association is planning a $2.3 million advertising buy for the Minnesota governor's race just days after former Gov. Tim Pawlenty entered.
Pawlenty: 'We Need Our A-Team On The Field'Tim Pawlenty told reporters he doesn't like Washington, and that if he did, he would have run for U.S. Senate.