During Cold October, Twin Cities Gets Ready For #Top10WxDayWCCO Meteorologist Matt Brickman said the Twin Cities will average 50 days with temps in the 60s per year. But in 2018, there have only been 19 days like that.
Decoding The DNR’s ‘Summer Glory Index’The DNR gave Wednesday an A+ on its “Summer Glory Index,” which is what they use to rate the most comfortable days of the season.
#Top10WxDay To Close Out Holiday WeekFriday's forecast is predicted to be mostly sunny with a high of 82 degrees.
Hearts Fluttering For Warm Temps This Valentine's #Top10WxDayfter nearly two weeks of bold north temperatures we're finally thawing out into the 40s this Wednesday.
'This Is Why You Live In Minnesota': #Top10WxDay Draws Residents OutdoorsIt just doesn't get much better than this -- temps in the 80s, sunshine and relatively low humidity for Minnesota.
Minnesotans Of All Ages Head Outside For #Top10WxDayAll over the Twin Cities people were finding different ways to enjoy this much-awaited weather.
Tuesday's #Top10WxDay Could Keep Streak Of Above Average Temperatures AliveTuesday has been declared a WCCO #Top10WxDay, and that could help keep a unique streak going.
Does Monday's #Top10WxDay Mark The End Of Winter In Minnesota?Monday marks our first Top 10 Weather Day of 2017, but a warming trend this February shows there could be more in the near future.
Minnesotans Savoring Fall #Top10WxDayAll across Minnesota, families were out enjoying the weather in ways they normally couldn't in November.
Warm Temperatures On Pace To Smash Decades-Old RecordsThe average high for this time of the year is 49 degrees. We typically see our first snowfall this week.
#Top10WxDay Brings Throngs To The PoolIt was a Top 10 Weather Day in Minnesota this Tuesday, and people all over the Twin Cities metro are got out and about to enjoy the beautiful day, either at local parks pools.