What Do 'Use By' And 'Sell By' Food Labels Actually Mean?Every year, Americans waste about 40 percent of the food we grow and make. Experts say part of that reason could be people don't understand the dates printed on the packaging of the foods.
Good Weather Speeds Up Minnesota Harvest Before RainMinnesota farmers took advantage of favorable weather early last week to make good progress on harvesting before rain moved in.
Crops Ahead Of Schedule As Fall ApproachesEven as the weather starts to cool, Minnesota's major crops are developing ahead of schedule.
Minnesota Farmers Making Planting Progress With Favorable WeatherAnother week of favorable weather has helped Minnesota farmers make good planting progress.
Minnesota Farmers Catching Up On Planting After Late StartThe U.S. Department of Agriculture says Minnesota farmers had 5.7 days suitable for fieldwork last week.
Deal Reached To Level Playing Field For Co-Ops, Crop BuyersThe deal announced Tuesday is meant to keep the playing field level between co-ops and other crop buyers.
Why Are Honeycrisp Apples More Expensive?It's one of Minnesota's most popular inventions: The Honeycrisp apple.
Dry Weather Helping Minnesota Farmers With Spring PlantingMinnesota farmers are taking advantage of good weather to catch up on their spring planting.
Cool, Wet Spring Causing Farmers Serious Planting DelayCool temperatures and wet fields have cost Minnesota farmers more delays in planting.
Minnesota Farmers Already Sowing Some Oats, Spring WheatMinnesota farmers have sown some oats and spring wheat, but the U.S. Department of Agriculture says cool temperatures and precipitation have limited any planting in earnest so far.
Number Of Farms In South Dakota Falls By 400Federal agriculture officials say the number of farms in South Dakota dropped by about 400 last year.