'There's Only One Bill To Prioritize -- Everything Else Is Negotiable': CBS Analyst Explains How To Navigate Outstanding Balances On Limited FundsJill Schlesinger, certified financial planner and CBS News business analyst, looks at how to devise a game plan for paying bills when money is tight.
Minnesota's COVID-19 Jobs Crisis: A Reality CheckGov. Walz has loosened some of the COVID-19 restrictions that have shut down businesses for months. That's some good news -- but it may not be enough to ease massive unemployment around the state.
U.S. Job Market Suffers Its Worst Month In History (CBS News)A staggering 29 million Americans lost their jobs in April as the spreading coronavius shuttered stores, factories and offices, canceled events, and brought transit around the country to a sudden stop.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: What To Do If You're Furloughed From Your JobWhen workers are furloughed, it means their jobs will be there when the business reopens. But it typically excludes things like severance pay.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: State Struggling With Unemployment Tidal WaveMore than 450,000 Minnesotans have applied for unemployment benefits, and the state has said that 90% of those cases have been processed smoothly. But there are others who tell WCCO their benefits applications have not been processed smoothly.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: Job Coach Says There's 'Opportunity' Amidst The UncertaintyA Twin Cities says he has never seen a market like this -- but there is some opportunity amid the uncertainty.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: 'I Don't Know What's Happening': Many Filing For Unemployment Reaching Dead Ends, DisappointmentThe process for filing for unemployment hasn't been easy for everyone. WCCO talked to families who are still waiting to hear when, and if, help will arrive.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: 'The State Is Not Just Praying And Hoping': Walz Responds To Critical Care NurseGov. Tim Walz responded Monday to a COVID-19 critical care nurse who is worried about her hospital's supplies and equipment.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: Post-COVID-19 Jobless Rate May Top Great Depression FiguresThe Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis predicts by June, the U.S. unemployment rate could be 30%. That would be three times higher than the worst of the 2009 recession, which was 9.9% in Minnesota.
Minnesota Reports 149,443 New Applications Of UnemploymentAccording to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED), the amount of unemployment applications has skyrocketed to 149,443 claims since March 16.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: How To Apply For Unemployment BenefitsThe state says it's stepping in to help hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans who will likely be out of work due to the outbreak.
Amid Low Unemployment, Businesses Getting Creative, Removing Barriers To Attract WorkersMinnesota’s 3.3% unemployment rate brings a new set of opportunities and challenges to the workforce. Companies need to fill positions so badly that some are reevaluating eligibility requirements or benefits offered.
Unemployment Inched Up In February As Record Snow Idled Construction WorkersMinnesota's unemployment rate increased slightly in February for the second consecutive month as brutal winter weather idled more than 6,000 construction workers.
More Than 1,000 Furloughed Workers In Minnesota Have Applied For Unemployment Benefits State officials say that more than 1,000 furloughed government workers in Minnesota have applied for unemployment benefits.
Wisconsin Unemployment Rate Remains 3 PercentPrior to last year, Wisconsin's unemployment rate never dropped below 3 percent.