Why Are There So Many Acorns This Year?The forestry experts say it's all normal. It's really the oak trees just trying to make more oak babies.
A Blizzard Of Whirligigs: Why Are We Seeing So Many Flying Seeds?All of the maples seeds can look like a tree is dying, but that’s not the case.
U Of M Study: 75 Percent Of Homes Have 1 Broken SprinklerA University of Minnesota Extension study of homes with irrigation systems found 75 percent of them had at least one broken sprinkler.
Minnesota Farmers Endure 5th Straight Year of Thin ProfitsDairy farmers faced some of the toughest challenges, Extension economist Dale Nordquist said.
Good Question: How Short Should You Cut Your Grass?Lots of us probably think shorter is better, but experts say that is not the case.
Good Question: Are We Seeing More Dandelions?Dandelions seed heavily and have very long roots, which make it hard for people to get rid of them.
Good Question: Bagging Or Mulching -- Which Is Better For Your Yard?It is the time of year when the leaves keep falling, and we try to keep up. Unfortunately, the fall colors only last for so long before those leaves end up on our lawns. So which is better for your lawn? Bagging your leaves, or mulching them?
Bird Flu-Related Layoffs Harming Faribault's Economy, ResidentsIt has been nearly three weeks since the last reported case of the bird flu in Minnesota. But the state has been hit hard since the outbreak began in March. About nine million turkeys and more than 100 farms have been lost.
Study: Bird Flu's Economic Impact Above $300M In MinnesotaThe discovery of another infected flock of chickens will mean that 2 million birds will have to be destroyed -- the latest casualties of the bird flu. Meanwhile, the economic impact of the flu is just beginning to be felt.
Report: Minnesota Livestock Producers Had Profitable 2014Many Minnesota livestock producers enjoyed record profits in 2014 while earnings for crop producers fell for the second straight year, according to a new report that warns both sectors will face tougher times this year.
March 31 Farm Bill Crop Program Signup Deadline ApproachingUniversity of Minnesota Extension officials remind farmers and landowners they have until the end of March to make their crop program choices under the 2014 farm bill. The choices are between the Price Loss Coverage and Agricultural Risk Coverage programs.