WWII Veteran Brothers Leave Stillwater Catholic School $2.6 MillionWCCO shares the lasting gift left behind by two Stillwater veterans that mean a brighter future for some students.
'I'd Do It All Over Again': A Look At The Minnesotans Who've Served Their NationAcross Minnesota, there are 304,000 veterans -- about 5.5% of the population.
'I'm Proud I Served My Country': WWII Vet Roy Reiser, 95, Honored By Quilts Of Valor“I think about it once in a while, but I lucked out. I put my time in, I come back in one piece, so I’m really, really proud for that. I’m proud I served my country,” Roy Reiser said.
Amazon Contractor Soldier Delivery Looks To Hire VeteransThey served our country with distinction, and now, a group of veterans are being honored for serving the public.
'I Got Angels All Over': Extra Donations For TikTok Star 'Patriotic Kenny' To Buy Scooters For 25 Veterans"This is the Cadillac of them all," Kenny Jary said. "It's like $10 million to me. Right now, there's not words I can say I'm so happy."
Late Vietnam Vet Bequeaths Millions To Veterans Home In MontevideoWhen Steve Williams passed away in 2018 he made sure his fellow veterans were taken care of.
'It Was An Incredible Life': Walt Straka, Minnesota's Last Bataan Death March Survivor, Dies At 101After surviving the death march in which thousands of Americans died, Walt Straka spent 42 months in a Japanese prison camp.
'He Was One Of A Kind': 80 Years After His Death At Pearl Harbor, Minnesota Sailor's Remains Come HomeThe remains of Navy Fireman 1st Class Neal K. Todd of Akeley arrived at MSP International Airport Thursday afternoon. Dozens of his family members were there for the transfer ceremony.
Jim And August: A Friendship Forged Over Service And LossJim McDougal And August Riebe are two friends separated in age by almost 90 years, but they're connected through service, and tragedy.
'He Loved His Nation': Fallen Veteran From Blaine Honored At Memorial Park DedicationA new park dedicated to veterans from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror hosted its inaugural ceremony Monday.
St. Paul Police: Stolen Therapy Dog Reunited With Navy Veteran OwnerThe St. Paul Police Department says a stolen therapy dog has been returned home to its owner, who is a Navy veteran.