'Gaming Disorder' Added To WHO's List Of Mental Health ConditionsAs video games like Fortnite have become a ubiquitous social phenomenon for teenagers, there’s growing concern in the medical community about video game addiction.
Girl Wouldn't Stop Playing 'Fortnite' To Use Bathroom, Sent To RehabA young girl in the UK has been sent to rehab after her parents claim she became so addicted to a video game she refused to stop playing, even to use the bathroom.
Police: Wrong-Way Driver On LSD Thought He Was Playing 'Grand Theft Auto'An Oregon man who allegedly stole a car and drove for miles going the wrong way claims he thought he was playing "Grand Theft Auto" while high on LSD.
Paid To Play FIFA: Meet Minnesota United's Top Team GamerImagine being able to play for your favorite Major League Soccer team, and not even needing to leave the couch to do it. Well, that dream is now a reality in Minnesota.
Nintendo Is Re-Releasing The NES Classic In JuneNintendo is giving video game lovers another chance to buy the company's wildly popular retro gaming console: the NES Classic.
Season 4 Of Uber-Popular Game 'Fortnite' Drops, Kids Everywhere CheerIt's May Day, and with it comes a new season to the massively popular video game, Fortnite: Battle Royale.
Trump Meets With Video Game Industry RepresentativesPresident Donald Trump revived a debate over the link between gun violence and graphic depictions of violence in video games Thursday, bringing members of the video game industry and some of their most vocal critics to the White House.
E-Sports Becoming More Popular In Minnesota High SchoolsCompetitive video gaming, known as e-sports, is gaining popularity at Minnesota high schools.
WNBA Teams Featured In Video Game For 1st Time"NBA Live 18" is adding women's basketball players.
Kids Who Play Video Games Do Better In School, Study FindsParents may have a hard time getting their kids to put down the video game controller and pick up a book. But now, an Australian study of 12,000 teenagers shows those who routinely play video games do better in school.
Minn.'s 'Oregon Trail' Inducted Into Video Game Hall Of FameEveryone remembers playing "The Oregon Trail" in school. What many people might not know is the schoolhouse staple was developed right here in Minnesota.