Good Question: Why Do We Only See The Flu In The Winter?Minnesota’s official influenza season started in October and will last through April. It’s the same for much of the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, the months are reversed. Flu season down happens during their winter - from May through September.
Eyelash Drug May Hold Baldness CureThinning hair, receding hairlines, and bald spots: they're unwelcome signs of the inevitable for as many as 80 percent of all men.
Good Question: Can We Get Enough Vitamin D From The Sun?One vitamin often mentioned as a way to help fight cancer is Vitamin D. We know sunshine is the key to D.
You Might Not Need To Take Vitamin D Supplements This WinterNew guidelines have lowered the healthy level of Vitamin D needed in a person's blood.
Experts Say Maintaining Vitamin D Is Key To HealthWe know that Vitamin D in adults is important to avoid soft bones, weak muscles and even some forms of cancer. Now researchers are finding that a lack of Vitamin D in certain children could also lead to problems.
Simplifying Some Common Medical MythsThere are several studies out there that tell you what’s good for you and what’s bad. But what’s true and what’s a myth? We’ll try to simplify it all for you here.
Is Taking Vitamin D Supplements Good Enough?Many Minnesotans are told to take Vitamin D in the winter when we don't get as much sun. But is that enough?
Report: A Bit More Vitamin D Is Good, Not Too MuchGot milk? You may need a couple cups more than today's food labels say to get enough vitamin D for strong bones. But don't go overboard: Long-awaited new dietary guidelines say there's no proof that megadoses prevent cancer or other ailments -- sure to frustrate backers of the so-called sunshine vitamin.

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