Voter Registration Audit Could Shed Light On Ineligible Voting ClaimsAn audit of Minnesota's voter registration system is about to be released, and it may shed light on claims that it's too easy for ineligible people to vote.
Wisconsin Mulls Whether To Respond To Trump Data RequestThe Elections Commission told Trump's task force in July that it would only provide the voter information once a $12,500 fee is paid.
Trump Questions States, Minnesota Included, On Not Releasing Voter InfoPresident Donald Trump is questioning states, Minnesota included, that aren't releasing voter information to prevent fraud.
Trump Blasts States 'Trying To Hide' From Voting PanelA request for detailed info about every voter in the U.S. from President Trump's voting commission is getting a rocky reception from states.
MN Sec. Of State Won't Hand Data To Trump Voting CommissionTrump has alleged, without evidence, that millions voted illegally in the 2016 elections.
Iowa Trump Supporter Accused Of Voting TwiceAs Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has raised concerns that the general election could be "rigged,' one of his Iowa supporters is accused of trying to vote for him more than once.
86-Year-Old's Voter Fraud Case Tossed OutA great-great-grandmother charged with voter fraud will have her case dismissed, according to her attorney.
Esme's Blog: Prosecuting An 86-Year-Old For Voter FraudThis week WCCO-TV brought you an absurd story of a seemingly unjustifiable prosecution. Margaret Schneider, 86, of St. Peter, who suffers from dementia, was charged with voter fraud because she voted twice in last Augusts' primary.
86-Year-Old Woman With Dementia Charged With Voter FraudAn elderly St. Peter, Minn. woman diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and dementia has been charged with voter fraud.
MN Officials Cite Few Election Problems, Group Checks Possible FraudMinnesota voters came out in record numbers again this year.
Opinion: Brain Dead Politics In VirginiaKen Cuccinelli aspires to be the next governor of Virginia after spending four years trying to deny women's health care rights, blocking Obamacare and forcing his ideology and personal beliefs on the Commonwealth of Virginia.