GOES-16 Weather Satellite Captures Lightning Activity Across U.S.When the GOES-16 GLM becomes operational, it will provide a real-time view of all lightning activity over the Americas and adjacent ocean regions for the first time ever.
Weather Blog: Sweaty Santa?A weather buoy near the geographic North Pole hit the freezing point on the first full day of 2016-17 winter -- almost 50° above average.
Is Heavy March Rain Increasingly Common In Minnesota?Up to 2.5 inches of rain has fallen over Minnesota in the last two days, and more precipitation is falling today (as snow) over northern Minnesota.
Weather Blog: 3rd Rock From The Sun, 1st Rock From The MoonToday NASA released this new image of Earth, as it was rising above the horizon on the moon. The image was created by stitching together a series of images taken on October 12, 2015 from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO).
Weather Blog: We're Heading For A Worldwide RecordWhile there are still two weeks left in the year, most of the weather data is already in the books for 2015. What's clear is that it was a very warm year -- not just here in the upper Midwest, but across the entire globe -- and that warmth will likely set some records.
It Ain't Snow-ver 'Til The Fat Lady SingsThe snow fell fast and furious Sunday evening -- especially in south Twin Cities metro area, where a widespread 6 to 10 inches of heavy, wet snow accumulated across Carver, Scott and Dakota counties. The highest event total came from nearby Goodhue County, with 12.3 inches of snow in Zumbrota.
Weather Blog: Why Has Minnesota Been Spared From Snow?Minne-snow-ta? Not this season!
Weather Blog: The Truth About The Polar VortexAhhh, the polar vortex -- a term that garnered much more than its 15 minutes of fame last winter. I mean it sounds pretty awesome, like a mutant tornado composed of icicles and doom, and though that'd be something to see, the polar vortex is no polar-bear-nado, but a large scale weather system that has been in existence long before any of us.
Weather Blog: That Lake Effect, Tho!The pictures coming out of areas just south of Buffalo, NY today are insane. There's enough snow to half-bury an NFL kicker, for Santa's Sake!
Weather Blog: Only Normal Thing About MN Nov. Weather: It’s Not Normal!After a warmer than normal September and October, November 2014 delivered a dramatic shift in season and temperature trend.
Weather Blog: November Snows Go BigNo practice snowfall to acclimate us to the shift in weather and wardrobe this season. In a mere two weeks’ time, sandals were replaced with snow boots, as Oct 27 featured high temperatures in the upper 60s and on Monday sidewalks became shrouded in fall snow, demanding more than one ruler to measure in many locations.