White Christmas: Snow Event Has Some Minnesotans Looking On The Bright Side
Shoppers, Travelers In Minnesota Rush To Get Ahead Of Expected BlizzardIt wasn't the rain that made people move quickly as they walked into area big box stores; it was what’s expected behind the rain that made them move with purpose.
Car Ices Out, Flips Over In Front Of Prior Lake HouseAs of 2 p.m. Wednesday, the National Weather Service expanded the state's blizzard warning to include the Twin Cities metro area.
Minnesota Weather: 1st Day Of Winter Kicks Off With Snow Up North, Dusting In Twin CitiesThe Winter Solace also occurs Monday morning at 4:02 a.m., ushering in the first official day of winter.
Minnesota DNR Warns Ice Still Too Thin In Many Parts Of The StateThe DNR recommends four inches of ice before walking or skating, five inches for snowmobiling, and at least eight inches for driving a car.
Minnesota Experiencing One Of The Least-Snowy Decembers On RecordFollowing a record-breaking October, Minnesota has only added about a half inch of snow this December.
Like Walking On Water: Crystal-Clear Ice Forms On Lakes In Boundary Waters AreaThe lake ice is as clear as glass and stretches for miles along Sea Gull Lake in northern Minnesota.
Warm Weather Persists, Pushing Back Winter ActivitiesSome people love the mild weather we're seeing right now, but others want winter to show up fast.
NWS Launches New Winter Weather Warning For Snow SquallsYour cell phone may alert you to a new type of weather warning this winter.
Tent Encampments Brace For Early Snow, Sub-Freezing Temps: How You Can HelpThe Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board says they have been working closely for many weeks with unsheltered people in park encampments, community groups and local service agencies.
October Snowstorm Catches Homeowners, Plow Drivers Off GuardA winter storm left many scrambling to find their winter clean-up gear. Even those who specialize in snow removal were caught off guard.