We Can't Get Snow This Late In The Year ... Can We?Mike Augustyniak says the truth is it snows here in May. Even though it's not a lot, northern Minnesota regularly sees at least a few tenths of an inch of snow during May.
Concerns April Snow Will Set Minnesota Farmers BackWestern Minnesota saw some of the worst of this snow storm. In Montevideo, residents once again woke up to falling snow.
How Common Are Big Snow Events In April?On paper, April is far from the Twin Cities’ snowiest month. The average snowfall is 2.4 inches.
Minnesota Weather: Why Is This Snow Yellow?This near mid-spring snow storm is bringing many in Minnesota a fresh and not entirely welcome dumping of snow.
240+ Crashes Recorded Statewide During Spring SnowstormThe Minnesota State Patrol says there have been hundreds of crashes and spin-outs since Wednesday morning.
Minnesotans Putting Best Face Forward Amid Another April Snow Storm, MostlySome people clearly embraced the weather as they put together perfectly packed snowballs. Some others would prefer to escape it.
DNR: April Snowstorms In Minnesota Aren't UncommonWhile most of us are ready to put our winter gear in storage, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says snow in April is actually pretty common for Minnesota.
Snow Should Not Hurt Your Spring PlantsYou may have noticed some green peeking out of the ground recently. But does April snow bring May flowers?
Delta, Sun Country Offering Flight Alternatives Ahead Of April SnowWith conditions looking to return to the height of winter late this week, some airlines are getting ahead of the storm, so to speak.
Potential Snow Event This Week Could Crush Your Spirit"As it looks right now, there are many similarities to this storm with last April's snowstorm," meteorologist Mike Augustyniak said
Tips To Keep Water Out Of Your Basements During Spring ThawFor those who have sump pumps, it's great to have the discharge line a bit up from the ground, to avoid having the snow cover it up.